Saturday, November 1, 2014

Halloween 2014

We had a terrific Halloween this year! The neighborhood we recently moved to is just wonderful, the residents actually know each other and say hi when you are out for walks. Last week we attended a block party, so it was fun to continue getting to know everyone when we stopped by to trick'or'treat.

Costumes this year where decided on by the littles, no matching theme sadly, although they both chose characters that were black and red. 

Meredith was Mickey Mouse, with a bow. She's pretty specific about being Mickey, not Minnie. 
But she was the cutest Mickey in town!
Her outfit did include a tail and shoes, but when the light is fading you just grab your picture bribes and run to the back yard.
Otto was a ninja. And he can nail a pretty extreme ninja face.
He also now knows karate, stating that Mrs. Pam (teacher at school) taught him. I asked if maybe he would like to take karate lessons to increase his skills, "No Mom, I already learned it." Ah, gotcha.
He originally requested to be a Ninja Turtle, but saw this costume at Costco and rapidly changed his mind. (Thankfully, TMNT are just odd to me.)
The Thomas' joined us this year for dinner and walking the neighborhood. No pictures, but Sarah and our kids had a great time going door to door. Meri didn't realize that people were putting candy in her 'purse' until we got home. Her face when she poured her bag on the coffee table was priceless:)

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