Monday, October 6, 2014

Visit to Nana and Papa's!

We got to see Daniel this weekend! It's a rare treat because his current base is so far away, but good news, he is moving much closer in a few weeks! 

Addison was such a happy little girl to get some quality time with her Dad, and we were pretty happy to see him too. Uncle Daniel is lots of fun:) 

The entire Weldy/Paredes/Stepp side! About to expand by two more.
The Stepps, look at that cutie Stephen. Pretty much the best nephew there is, his little brother is a lucky guy.
How can you not love that face?
Addy and her Daddy, two peas in a pod.
All the grands. A coupe might be a little tight with two more little people, it's probably time to trade the mustang in for a minivan;)
Love these two, the BEST in-laws.

Yay for getting to spend a day relaxing with family!

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