Thursday, September 4, 2014

Tomorrow, tomorrow!

Look at this, three posts in one week?? Someone must be coming out of the first trimester half of pregnancy coma. Seriously y'all, it's been rough this time. The puke just wouldn't quit, and food was the enemy. Still kinda is…but it's getting better. In the last week and a half I've started to notice a little more energy…right in time for the body aches and midnight bathroom trips to start. Pregnant is crazy. Morning sickness is worse. 

BUT, you know what being (almost) halfway means, right?! Anatomy scan! TOMORROW! Family get your votes in! 

Chinese Gender Chart: Girl (Correct with Otto, wrong for Meredith)

Old Wives Tells:
Cravings salty or sweet? Salty. Boy (Ha! Cravings?? More like what are you able to choke down.)
Is Dad gaining weight with you? No. Girl (Although he thinks he is and has instituted his mid-way through pregnancy workout routine. He does this every time, every stinking time.)
Pillow faces north or south? South, girl.
Do you look better or worse than normal? SO worse, like death warmed over most days, but that could just be the nausea talking. Girl

Dad: Girl, going with his gut instinct. (Wrong both times)

Otto: Early on his guess was boy, but now is rooting for a girl too. He would also like to keep the baby in his room. 

Meredith: Girl all the way. And she would also like to move to Otto's room. 

Mom: With the severity of the morning sickness, I have been assuming boy. This pregnancy has been more like Otto's than Meri's by far. BUT, I do already have fabric picked out for sister dresses so I'm excited either way. (And not to brag, but I'm two for two.)

Everything is dramatically pointing towards a girl, which would just be amazing, but I can totally see another chubby little boy fitting well in our family. We will see!

Speaking of sweet little girls, we got to meet Emily Grace today! Isn't she gorgeous?
She favors her big sister quite a bit, and Sarah is thrilled about having a new bestie in the making. 
And doesn't Jeanne look great? Don't expect me to be wearing real clothes or to be showered within the first week of this kid making his/her arrival. 

Votes people! Are you team blue or pink?


  1. I vote girl because everyone I know that is due around the same time as you are having girls.

  2. I think boy! But would be thrilled with either :)

  3. I vote secret twins! One boy, one girl.

  4. I was just thinking about this!
    Early on I had the strongest feeling that you were having a boy but now my gut feeling is leaving me.. sigh
    I'm going to go with boy. Final answer.