Friday, September 19, 2014

Talk Like a Pirate Day

Krispy Kreme is celebrating Talk Like a Pirate Day by giving free donuts to patrons who do just that AND if you dress like a pirate they give you a dozen! 

Otto accepted that challenge and put on his best pirate swag! He even brought his trusty parrot sidekick:) 
And the ladies at our local store gladly gave him a dozen donuts. Thrilled doesn't begin to cover his happiness.
 Meri chimed in with her best "Argh!" and got a donut too!
Mrs Jeanne and Sarah joined us. (Thanks guys for telling us about the event!)
These two have no problem putting away a sugary treat. Sarah had barely taken two bites before they were both done and were being handed a second (cream-filled, shaped like a pirate) donut from the cashier. We're 'saving' those for later, because dang, that's a lot of sugar.
 Pirate Meredith!
 Pirate Sarah!
We drove though Taco Bell on the way home for something a little more lunch like, and Meri yelled out her window to the clerk, "Argh! Burrito please!" Being a pirate must get you all kinds of free stuff;)

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