Sunday, September 28, 2014

Ovilla Parade

We had visit from two of our favorite Aunts and an Uncle this weekend, right in time for our new communities Fall parade. 
This was the kids first experience with a parade. They were so impressed/confused about the candy being thrown from the floats!

Abbey taught them that waving makes you extra cute which equals more candy.
Not that they needed help, we are set for Halloween trick'o'treaters.

Clearly, parades are just not his thing.
The firetrucks were a little loud. And see the nails? Painted those suckers himself, and did a pretty decent job.
After the parade we checked out the local craft and business booths. Uncle Michael and Otto got matching blue streaks painted in their hair and both kids won a ring pop at the duck pond. Life is more fun when family is in town!

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