Monday, September 1, 2014

Last Weekend of Summer

Labor Day weekend was a three day weekend for us, Chris had Monday off. And for the first time for our little family, it really did signify the end of summer for us--Otto starts preschool tomorrow! Big change for the Weldy's!

Thursday night, our Aggies kicked off the football season with a big, beautiful win over South Carolina.  The Womack's and my Dad joined us to celebrate the beginning of a wonderful few months. 

Look at this cutie, he's so delightfully squishy! And cheering for the right team already, smart kid.

Ignatius really liked my Dad, like I said smart kid. 
There were a couple of other adorably dressed, cute kids running around, but did I get a group picture? Lame, Lydia. 

The rest of our weekend was spent in the back yard. We seem to pick houses with sloped landscaping (I didn't blog about moving? We did!) And while this new yard is much flatter than the last two, it still sloped enough to host a pretty decent slip'n'slide. Otto and Meri were thrilled to find one at Target, and Otto wanted to know why it wasn't blue like his old one. How does he remember these things?? He had just turned two for pete's sake!

These three are are the best. 

And Meri is at the funniest stage. She insists on several pictures complete with poses, and then likes to review and pick the best one. Otto is in the dress himself stage. 

I love that Meri has no problem keeping up with her big brother, this girl is a beast on the slide! 

Love these two!

To bed we go! SCHOOL in the morning!

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