Sunday, September 28, 2014

Ovilla Parade

We had visit from two of our favorite Aunts and an Uncle this weekend, right in time for our new communities Fall parade. 
This was the kids first experience with a parade. They were so impressed/confused about the candy being thrown from the floats!

Abbey taught them that waving makes you extra cute which equals more candy.
Not that they needed help, we are set for Halloween trick'o'treaters.

Clearly, parades are just not his thing.
The firetrucks were a little loud. And see the nails? Painted those suckers himself, and did a pretty decent job.
After the parade we checked out the local craft and business booths. Uncle Michael and Otto got matching blue streaks painted in their hair and both kids won a ring pop at the duck pond. Life is more fun when family is in town!

Friday, September 19, 2014

Talk Like a Pirate Day

Krispy Kreme is celebrating Talk Like a Pirate Day by giving free donuts to patrons who do just that AND if you dress like a pirate they give you a dozen! 

Otto accepted that challenge and put on his best pirate swag! He even brought his trusty parrot sidekick:) 
And the ladies at our local store gladly gave him a dozen donuts. Thrilled doesn't begin to cover his happiness.
 Meri chimed in with her best "Argh!" and got a donut too!
Mrs Jeanne and Sarah joined us. (Thanks guys for telling us about the event!)
These two have no problem putting away a sugary treat. Sarah had barely taken two bites before they were both done and were being handed a second (cream-filled, shaped like a pirate) donut from the cashier. We're 'saving' those for later, because dang, that's a lot of sugar.
 Pirate Meredith!
 Pirate Sarah!
We drove though Taco Bell on the way home for something a little more lunch like, and Meri yelled out her window to the clerk, "Argh! Burrito please!" Being a pirate must get you all kinds of free stuff;)

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Dallas Heart Walk 2014

The heart walk seemed to sneak up on us this year, time is flying. Over 70,000 people participated this year. Thankfully the weather was much cooler than last year, almost too chilly. Texas is a crazy place sometimes!

Oncor's team color this year was neon green. My crew repping their swag before the walk, Meredith loves her accessories;)
Instead of hosting an after event at Oncor headquarters, this year the party was moved to the Hyatt. Much closer to the walk itself, and more accommodating for the large crowd. The kids LOVED all the bounce houses, Otto was too fast to catch a picture of:)
Look! #thirdlittleweldy was there too. We reached the halfway point yesterday, twenty weeks! I have a feeling this boy is going to be a tank, he is making his presence very known. And the bellybutton gave up weeks ago.
After the walk (and naps all around) the day warmed up quite a bit. Chris and the kids worked on the yard a bit, and I followed them around with the camera.  How cute is this girl?? She mowed 1/4 acre, tough stuff.
 And this boy, all boy.
 Love these crazy beans.

Friday, September 5, 2014

It's a….

Woowee, what a morning. Don't try to wrangle two preschoolers out the door and into the car for a crack of dawn doctor's appointment on the other side of town while wearing regular pants. Just don't, learn a lesson from me and stick to the sweats, okay?

We barely made it on time, but we did, and Chris got to join us. So grateful he was there because the wait between ultrasound and OB was abnormally long and the littles were done. Adjusting to preschool has really thrown our schedule off. Otto is NAPPING right now if that gives you any indication of how coo-coo-cachoo this morning was. 

But you want to hear the news! Let me get to that already. 

Otto and Meri were pumped to find out if they were getting a brother or a sister! Thanks to Katy they had these fantastic shirts to wear.
Otto recognized the hospital accros the street when we pulled into the parking garage and wanted to know, "Is the baby coming out today??".  He is really excited.

In the waiting room, along with seven other couples who were obviously first time parents, he loudly asked if the ultrasound tech would check out his baby. (He thinks he's pregnant.)

"Mom? Will she check my baby? It's this big. shows three inches with fingers I think I'm having a girl. Tell her that God put it there."

There was a lot of nervous laughter. They don't stay little forever guys!

When it came down to the big moment, the tech asked everyone for their vote. Otto, Meri, and Chris were all still adamantly team pink, and my guess was boy.
…Let this be a lesson to you guys, Mom's are generally right!
And we are thrilled! Meri and Otto were excited to tell everyone on the way out through the waiting room that we are having a BOY baby (Otto paraded the ultrasound photos around Vanna White style). Neither seem disappointed that their guess wasn't right, but Otto did ask, "Can the lady check the back? She only checked your stomach. Maybe there's one more."

This little guy was very active, bouncing around all over and giving the sonographer a run for her money. He waved at us, or possibly shook his fist, I don't think he was very happy to be in the spotlight.

No name yet, it will take us awhile. Just go ahead and assume we won't know until we meet him. :)

Yay for little boys! We are so excited to meet this little guy in January!

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Tomorrow, tomorrow!

Look at this, three posts in one week?? Someone must be coming out of the first trimester half of pregnancy coma. Seriously y'all, it's been rough this time. The puke just wouldn't quit, and food was the enemy. Still kinda is…but it's getting better. In the last week and a half I've started to notice a little more energy…right in time for the body aches and midnight bathroom trips to start. Pregnant is crazy. Morning sickness is worse. 

BUT, you know what being (almost) halfway means, right?! Anatomy scan! TOMORROW! Family get your votes in! 

Chinese Gender Chart: Girl (Correct with Otto, wrong for Meredith)

Old Wives Tells:
Cravings salty or sweet? Salty. Boy (Ha! Cravings?? More like what are you able to choke down.)
Is Dad gaining weight with you? No. Girl (Although he thinks he is and has instituted his mid-way through pregnancy workout routine. He does this every time, every stinking time.)
Pillow faces north or south? South, girl.
Do you look better or worse than normal? SO worse, like death warmed over most days, but that could just be the nausea talking. Girl

Dad: Girl, going with his gut instinct. (Wrong both times)

Otto: Early on his guess was boy, but now is rooting for a girl too. He would also like to keep the baby in his room. 

Meredith: Girl all the way. And she would also like to move to Otto's room. 

Mom: With the severity of the morning sickness, I have been assuming boy. This pregnancy has been more like Otto's than Meri's by far. BUT, I do already have fabric picked out for sister dresses so I'm excited either way. (And not to brag, but I'm two for two.)

Everything is dramatically pointing towards a girl, which would just be amazing, but I can totally see another chubby little boy fitting well in our family. We will see!

Speaking of sweet little girls, we got to meet Emily Grace today! Isn't she gorgeous?
She favors her big sister quite a bit, and Sarah is thrilled about having a new bestie in the making. 
And doesn't Jeanne look great? Don't expect me to be wearing real clothes or to be showered within the first week of this kid making his/her arrival. 

Votes people! Are you team blue or pink?

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

First Day of School!

Otto had his first day of Preschool today! He is going to a local, two day a week class. And he's pretty pumped.
Otto and Mrs Pam!
We got a late start this morning, I had to wake him up at 8:30 and school starts at nine! It was a race to get his oatmeal down and then we were out the door. 

He was all confidence walking in, and even tried to tell me good-bye in the parking lot. Not gonna happen, buddy. 
He was all smiles for pictures then said, "I'll miss you Mom, bye." Meredith and I took our cue and left.

…and that's when the real drama began. 

Otto is Meri's best friend. Like, bestie forever and ever. She started calling him Otto-Bud, and is always up in his business imitating him and admiring anything he does. She was devastated that we were leaving him. 

Cried all the way to the car and through errand number one. I finally adjusted his car seat and let her sit on his side, which was consoling. The secretary at stop number two gave her M&M's to her overcome the tragedy of her day. All morning she kept reminding me that we needed to pick Otto up and you bet we were first in line, interrupting quiet time to get her buddy!

Otto had a great day according to his teacher but refuses to talk about it. He says it's a surprise. His only moment of distress came when Mrs. Pam suggested he leave his nap mat in his cubby. Oh no thank you, we took his 'sleeping bag' home. 
Home, "naked, because I'm not at school anymore."
Nap mat was made from this tutorial, and is green, gold, and covered in snakes…not my pick, but he loves it!

Monday, September 1, 2014

Last Weekend of Summer

Labor Day weekend was a three day weekend for us, Chris had Monday off. And for the first time for our little family, it really did signify the end of summer for us--Otto starts preschool tomorrow! Big change for the Weldy's!

Thursday night, our Aggies kicked off the football season with a big, beautiful win over South Carolina.  The Womack's and my Dad joined us to celebrate the beginning of a wonderful few months. 

Look at this cutie, he's so delightfully squishy! And cheering for the right team already, smart kid.

Ignatius really liked my Dad, like I said smart kid. 
There were a couple of other adorably dressed, cute kids running around, but did I get a group picture? Lame, Lydia. 

The rest of our weekend was spent in the back yard. We seem to pick houses with sloped landscaping (I didn't blog about moving? We did!) And while this new yard is much flatter than the last two, it still sloped enough to host a pretty decent slip'n'slide. Otto and Meri were thrilled to find one at Target, and Otto wanted to know why it wasn't blue like his old one. How does he remember these things?? He had just turned two for pete's sake!

These three are are the best. 

And Meri is at the funniest stage. She insists on several pictures complete with poses, and then likes to review and pick the best one. Otto is in the dress himself stage. 

I love that Meri has no problem keeping up with her big brother, this girl is a beast on the slide! 

Love these two!

To bed we go! SCHOOL in the morning!