Sunday, July 13, 2014

Dallas Zoo Safari Nights

The Dallas Zoo has been offering an evening concert series this summer, and last night we went to enjoy an Eagles tribute band. 
It was warm, but the music was great and there were lots of fun activities to do with the kids. Otto loved showing Chris around the zoo, and Meri made sure he got to see the giraffes (her favorite).
The Thomas' and Tovar's came too!
We enjoyed a picnic in the shade while the band played, Meri was ecstatic to have her very own tube of Pringles.
Otto was a hot mess, the music was too loud but he loved the bounce house.
Look at this cute guy, pretty much the best in my opinion.
And he makes really cute babies…I chose well;)
Love getting to do things as a family and share them with our friends!

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