Sunday, July 27, 2014

Otto turns FOUR!

It seems like just yesterday we were getting started on this parenting journey, and now we have a FOUR year old. Just crazy how time passes. 

Otto is not a shy guy when it comes to opinions, and for months he has been planning his camping party. He specifically wanted to sleep in a tent and tell scary stories around the fire. His aunts, uncles, and grandparents were gung-ho about his ideas and made it happen in a big way. 

The night before his party, he and Chris set up a tent in my parents front yard and slept outside. He woke up bright and early, "Dad! It's morning! Hurry, lets go inside. All my friends are there and are going to yell surprise!". Being that it was before seven in the morning, all of his 'friends' were still sleeping, but we made sure to decorate and yell surprise later the next day. 

That afternoon and night were spent at Brookshire's Park on Lake Palestine. MG borrowed the pontoon boat, and the kids enjoyed the playground while the guys grilled a delicious dinner. 

First time tubing!

He wasn't sure at first but quickly caught on and was a pro before the morning was over.

Meri even took a turn! She loved it, crazy dare-devil.

The boating crew!
He's been specifically requesting a red bike with little wheels for balance for awhile, and was pumped to get it (and his 'armor') as a gift. 
Love you big kid! Happy fourth!

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Dallas Zoo Safari Nights

The Dallas Zoo has been offering an evening concert series this summer, and last night we went to enjoy an Eagles tribute band. 
It was warm, but the music was great and there were lots of fun activities to do with the kids. Otto loved showing Chris around the zoo, and Meri made sure he got to see the giraffes (her favorite).
The Thomas' and Tovar's came too!
We enjoyed a picnic in the shade while the band played, Meri was ecstatic to have her very own tube of Pringles.
Otto was a hot mess, the music was too loud but he loved the bounce house.
Look at this cute guy, pretty much the best in my opinion.
And he makes really cute babies…I chose well;)
Love getting to do things as a family and share them with our friends!

Monday, July 7, 2014

Fourth of July

We got to celebrate the Fourth twice this year!

Dave hosted dinner and a show (Allen Fireworks) at his house last weekend and then this weekend we traveled to East Texas to see family.

We're still working on perfecting our family picture.
While at Dave's we walked down the street for a bit to visit with the Ellison's. So fun how we know two people in the same neighborhood, all the way across the metroplex. The kids enjoyed getting to check out the play fort and trampoline. Otto was brutally honest when Jefferie open the front door when we rang the bell, "I'm just here to play with your toys.".
Back at Dave's, we had a delicious dinner, and then Dave brought out popsicles during the show. Meri loved it!
She kept yelling, "More!" whenever there was a lull in the show, crazy girl loves to watch things explode.
And we started this weekend with helping my in-laws move! They have finished the inside of their new house, and we are so excited that they finally get to live closer to town. Here's a shot of the moving crew, love my helpful brothers!

My parents very kindly watched the kids, and took them to an event at a local church. Otto was a FAN of the unlimited son-cones and bounce house water slide.

We got there just before dark, and he couldn't wait to show us around.
And then another firework show! Our group, Bazils and Stuart too!
Otto isn't a fan of the noise that accompanies fireworks, but thankfully his uncles were looking out for him and came prepared with ear protection.
The rest of the weekend was spent in Minky and MG's pool, the kids insisted on at least three hours a day in the water.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Baby Ignatius

We got to meet the sweetest baby today!
Ignatius Roman
Mr Augustine was promoted to big brother a few days ago and we were so excited to get to see him and his new little brother. 
Augie, and my crew, got to play in the backyard for a bit while Ignatius posed for Aunt Sarah inside.
The camera was put away at this point because all three decided to strip down and get in the pool. It was hot out, can't blame them!
Jenny is a freaking rock star, she looks great and is knocking the 'mom of two' thing out of the park.
Can't wait to watch this little man grow up!