Friday, June 6, 2014

Dallas Zoo Stream

We seem to be planning playdates at places with water to play in:) The Dallas Zoo has a great children's area where the kids are encouraged to take a break from the heat and splash. 
While we have been to the zoo several times in the last few months, this was the first day we came prepared with swimsuits. Pretty sure I'll never be allowed to take them just to look at the animals again, it was a hit!

Augie and Sarah came too! These two have the same birthday and are both about to be promoted to big brother/sister.
 Miss Sarah loves playing in the water, such a brave peanut.
And Augie is just the sweetest, he even gave me a hug just because:)
 I think we need to hunt down a few more splash zones to add to our rotation, lots of fun for sure!

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

'Water Park' Adventures

After a rather cool last few months, the weather is starting to really warm up. Yesterday the kids and I joined our friend, Sarah, and her mom, Jeanne, at the local outdoor mall for some 'water park' fun.
We met these two girls at MOPS and have really enjoyed having friends close by that are up for spur of the moment adventures. 
Sarah is so brave and ran directly into the center of the fountain!
Meri and Sarah are just a month apart, and I am so excited for her to have a friend so close in age. Otto REALLY loves her too, so win win!

We just got back from a long weekend in College Station taking pictures with Aunt Sarah. Meredith rocked her photo shoots and I am pumped to get the pictures…and we may have created a monster, Meri asked me to take the next picture and then posed!
Obviously, my kids can't stand spray grounds.

 Expect many more pictures like this as the summer continues;)