Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Meredith's Two Year Old Stats

Yesterday, we took poor Meri to the pediatricians for her two year well baby check up…something I have been dreading. The doctor's office is a place of stress for Meredith, and has been since day one.

But this visit went surprisingly well! No shots, which I'm sure helped, and Otto was there to be an example. She was wide eyed and very somber, but did just what the nurse asked with no tears.

Her stats:
Height: 34.5 inches, 64%
Weight: 25.2 pounds, 47%

I'm happy with those numbers! She is a fantastic eater, doing well eating a variety and a LOT of it. And her hair/nails just don't quit, she's getting enough:)

She was horrified when Dr Elliot did his exam, but she tried SO hard to be brave. Horribly cute and sad at the same time. When he checked her ears, however, all efforts to tolerate left the building, and she actually blew her nose on him in self defense. But, when everything checked out beautifully, all was forgiven and she even accepted a toy and shook his hand. BIG progress, y'all.

And, on a funny note, she totally spelled her name for the receptionist. O-t-t-o!

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