Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Meredith is TWO! (Fossil Rim Wildlife Center)

The Saturday following Meredith's birthday, we took a family trip to Glenrose to visit Fossil Rim Wildlife Center. Keeping with the theme that Otto and Meri had picked for her birthday, Dora the Explorer, we were excited to go on an 'animal safari'. 

But first, we started her day with a roomful of balloons, and a decorated breakfast table. 

Because the littles were adamant about the theme, I tried to incorporate a few more of the characters, but failed miserably. I tried appliquéing a t-shirt for the birthday girl, but somehow cut a whole in it! Ugh! I didn't give myself enough time to start over, therefore, no shirt. Lesson learned, sorry Meri. 
I also made a backpack to match Dora's. Backpack is Meri's favorite character…but she's not at all impressed with the one I made. Sad. Otto loves it though and has been proudly sporting it and all it's pink and purple glory wherever I'll let him. 
She did love her new baby, and there was bacon, so breakfast wasn't a complete loss. 
And Fossil Rim was fantastic! The animals are very well cared for, and aren't shy at all about coming right up to your car for treats. 

There were several species of exotic deer, zebras, giraffe, and wildebeest. The cheetah and rhino were kept in enclosures for safety.
The giraffe was probably the most thrilling part of the drive, so neat!

Otto helped out by driving. 
Halfway throughout the park, there is a rest area where we stopped for a picnic lunch and cake.  Meri picked this cake herself and was SO excited about the chocolate icing.
After lunch we walked through the domestic petting zoo, where Meri was brave enough to pet the goats! All that practicing at Minky's house has worked;)
Then it was back in the car with the windows down, and half a toddler out the sunroof. There's not much better than celebrating a birthday and spending quality time with each other. 
We ended our day in Fort Worth at the Clearfork Food Truck Park on the Trinity river, with some delicious food and great views.
We are so grateful that we got to spend the last year with you, Meredith! Looking forward to so many more! Happy Birthday sweet girl!

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