Saturday, April 19, 2014

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone! 
With holidays, there is the oblatory picture taking…and I love it. So fun to look back and see how much the kids have changed in the past years. Scroll back and see, 201320122011

Otto has changed so much in the last year, so boy now. 
The bluebonnets are so beautiful and plentiful this year, so the littles and I decided to attempt pictures in them while modeling their mama-made Easter outfits.
Otto is wearing a "vest just like Diego!" that he was thrilled by. "It has pockets for my field journal Mom! Can you make me a field journal?" He also really likes the 'hair tie' for his neck;) The vest pattern is by SewMuchAdo, and was fantastic to use. Clear instructions, and I learned how to make real welt pockets!

Meredith's dress is the Geranium pattern from Made By Rae. Again, so easy to follow and the result is so classic and darling. I added pleats to the hem just to add some detail. When Chris saw it for the first time, he asked "Where are you going to add the flowers? It's an Easter dress." Oops, guess I missed the memo about mandatory blooms. Does posing with them count?
Speaking of taking pictures, bribes totally happened. LOVE that we have reached an age will they can be bargained with, simply genius. We did a little shopping at Dollar Tree pre-shoot and Otto picked this magnifying glass as his reward.
 He's very serious about finding things to 'rescue'. You know, just like Diego.
I'm thankful we got so many keepers:)

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