Thursday, April 10, 2014


Dave fixed my camera! Woot! Woot!

On Wednesdays, Otto gets to go to gymnastics, which he is loving. Meredith loves it too, but isn't potty trained, which is a class requirement--get on that little girl and we'll sign you up!

The class; Otto is the only boy. I don't think he minds a bit:) His teachers are both very sweet and I have been very impressed with their preschool herding skills. 
 He is catching on quickly, pretty soon I see him having some serious moves, just like Uncle Mike!

We get to stay in the gym and watch while Otto is in class, and thankfully the gym is very kid friendly and Meri is allowed to bounce off the walls too.  
She even gets a sticker at the end of class.
Our goal for this class is to introduce him to a structured learning environment, where the teacher isn't a parent, and to add a little fun and routine to our week. Plus, it's super cute to watch;)

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