Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Caddo Camping

Last weekend we joined my parents and younger siblings in Uncertain, Texas for some adventuring on Caddo Lake. 
The kids were beyond excited. All week Otto kept asking if it was Friday yet, and when could we leave. He even insisted that we buy a watermelon and s'more makings while grocery shopping to take to the deep, dark woods with us. And then he added, that while we made s'mores we would tell scary stories, which, naturally, are his favorite.  
The lodge we stayed at was right on the bayou that feeds the lake, and had a staircase off the back deck that descended to the water.  Everything was green with lots of flowers in bloom, and the weather was fantastic. An armadillo came right up to the porch that night to rummage for forgotten snacks.
My Dad, Chris, and Michael took Otto on a fishing expedition, which completely thrilled him. No fish were caught, but Otto didn't mind a bit.
Uncle Sam gave Meri a ride in the canoe too:) 
Israel's birthday is this week, and we celebrated early with cupcakes. 
And Otto roasted his s'mores in the back deck fire pit.
The next morning both kids had breakfast on the deck. Isn't usable outdoor space the best? Next house really needs to have a lovely patio.

There is an abandoned military base that has been turned into a wildlife refuge just a few minutes from where we were staying. We spent the morning exploring some of the crazy huge bunkers and other odd structures. Everything was overgrown and slowly reverting back to nature, just nuts that the government just walked away from such a large investment. 
 We even had a selfie contest with the 50mm lens. Abbey and Dad won:)
Otto had the time of his life hanging out with his uncles. He told me multiple times that I could just stay home and that he would go into the deep, dark forest with his hunters. 

We had a great time! Thanks Mom and Dad for inviting us!


  1. Such fun! And I love seeing the new life in some of those sweet clothes! :)