Saturday, April 26, 2014

Mavs at the Playoffs

One of the perks of Chris transferring groups at work is that his new co-workers are just a tad more sociable. This is a pretty big deal, as he is still working with engineers…just now he works with engineers who lunch. He doesn't quite understand it, but I am loving that he is being forced to make new friends;)

Someone up the chain of command had extra tickets to game three of the playoffs between the Spurs and the Mavericks, and gave them to Chris. How fun, right?
My Mom was very kind and drove up on short notice to watch the littles (and take them to a birthday party) while we went to the game with the Tovar's.
Our seats were ten rows up from the court, most likely the best we will ever experience. Crazy close, look at that Dirk action!
You really don't realize how big these athletes are until you see them in person, Duncan's wingspan is insane. I wonder how much they ate as teenagers?
The game was very close, and the game winning 3-point was shot with 1.7 seconds left. Very intense, and I'm sure we did damage to our hearing from the roar of the crowd.  
Fun day with friends! Check professional basketball off the bucket list!

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone! 
With holidays, there is the oblatory picture taking…and I love it. So fun to look back and see how much the kids have changed in the past years. Scroll back and see, 201320122011

Otto has changed so much in the last year, so boy now. 
The bluebonnets are so beautiful and plentiful this year, so the littles and I decided to attempt pictures in them while modeling their mama-made Easter outfits.
Otto is wearing a "vest just like Diego!" that he was thrilled by. "It has pockets for my field journal Mom! Can you make me a field journal?" He also really likes the 'hair tie' for his neck;) The vest pattern is by SewMuchAdo, and was fantastic to use. Clear instructions, and I learned how to make real welt pockets!

Meredith's dress is the Geranium pattern from Made By Rae. Again, so easy to follow and the result is so classic and darling. I added pleats to the hem just to add some detail. When Chris saw it for the first time, he asked "Where are you going to add the flowers? It's an Easter dress." Oops, guess I missed the memo about mandatory blooms. Does posing with them count?
Speaking of taking pictures, bribes totally happened. LOVE that we have reached an age will they can be bargained with, simply genius. We did a little shopping at Dollar Tree pre-shoot and Otto picked this magnifying glass as his reward.
 He's very serious about finding things to 'rescue'. You know, just like Diego.
I'm thankful we got so many keepers:)

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Caddo Camping

Last weekend we joined my parents and younger siblings in Uncertain, Texas for some adventuring on Caddo Lake. 
The kids were beyond excited. All week Otto kept asking if it was Friday yet, and when could we leave. He even insisted that we buy a watermelon and s'more makings while grocery shopping to take to the deep, dark woods with us. And then he added, that while we made s'mores we would tell scary stories, which, naturally, are his favorite.  
The lodge we stayed at was right on the bayou that feeds the lake, and had a staircase off the back deck that descended to the water.  Everything was green with lots of flowers in bloom, and the weather was fantastic. An armadillo came right up to the porch that night to rummage for forgotten snacks.
My Dad, Chris, and Michael took Otto on a fishing expedition, which completely thrilled him. No fish were caught, but Otto didn't mind a bit.
Uncle Sam gave Meri a ride in the canoe too:) 
Israel's birthday is this week, and we celebrated early with cupcakes. 
And Otto roasted his s'mores in the back deck fire pit.
The next morning both kids had breakfast on the deck. Isn't usable outdoor space the best? Next house really needs to have a lovely patio.

There is an abandoned military base that has been turned into a wildlife refuge just a few minutes from where we were staying. We spent the morning exploring some of the crazy huge bunkers and other odd structures. Everything was overgrown and slowly reverting back to nature, just nuts that the government just walked away from such a large investment. 
 We even had a selfie contest with the 50mm lens. Abbey and Dad won:)
Otto had the time of his life hanging out with his uncles. He told me multiple times that I could just stay home and that he would go into the deep, dark forest with his hunters. 

We had a great time! Thanks Mom and Dad for inviting us!

Thursday, April 10, 2014


Dave fixed my camera! Woot! Woot!

On Wednesdays, Otto gets to go to gymnastics, which he is loving. Meredith loves it too, but isn't potty trained, which is a class requirement--get on that little girl and we'll sign you up!

The class; Otto is the only boy. I don't think he minds a bit:) His teachers are both very sweet and I have been very impressed with their preschool herding skills. 
 He is catching on quickly, pretty soon I see him having some serious moves, just like Uncle Mike!

We get to stay in the gym and watch while Otto is in class, and thankfully the gym is very kid friendly and Meri is allowed to bounce off the walls too.  
She even gets a sticker at the end of class.
Our goal for this class is to introduce him to a structured learning environment, where the teacher isn't a parent, and to add a little fun and routine to our week. Plus, it's super cute to watch;)

Thursday, April 3, 2014

And Then I Took A Month Off Blogging...

So yeah, totally didn't mean to just drop off the face of the earth. Oops.

I thought about back dating posts, then pretending like it never happened, but it did and that's our life right now. So nope, not gonna happen.

How about a brief recap though?

Chris has been crazy busy with work…and school…and out of town trips. He got to attend a training in Pittsburg for a week, and had a great time while learning new computer skills. Abbey spent her Spring break with us while he was gone, so we had a great time too, win win!

I got a new sewing machine. It embroiders all.the.things. It MIGHT be the reason I haven't been blogging. Well, that and Instagram. And the fact that I gave up Dr Pepper as a New Years resolution; there's not enough sugar and caffeine in my life.

Otto started gymnastics. So adorable. I feel for the coaches, poor ladies are basically herding excited cats for an hour, but they handle it well and Otto is loving it. I have videos, really good stuff. He is also sleeping with us again. Covertly sneaking into our room in the wee hours, occasionally stopping in the kitchen for a snack, then crawling on top of me and going to sleep. 45 pounds is heavy, y'all. So like I said, not enough sugar and caffeine in my life.

Meredith has spent the last month growing. She eats everything you give her, and then finishes Otto plate. I'm a tiny bit depressed that she wears a 2T now, the baby clothes are officially gone. And she will be two in less than a month. *sob* She's not content to wait on turing two and has already added 'No, mine, and don't' to her verbal report.

So there you have it, the bare bones of the last month. Let's see how I do this month, anything is better than nothing, right?