Friday, February 14, 2014


We tried a new Pinterest recipe today that is going to revolutionize my life. Well, not the recipe, it was pretty basic, but the method itself. For dinner we had lasagna…made in the crockpot! I freeze leftover spaghetti sauce and so it really was a simple layer process, turn it on and forget about it kind of thing. Genius, I tell you. Straight up genius. The noodles were delicious too, not sticky or soggy in the slightest. Try it, you won't be disappointed. 

Last weekend we got to spend a little time with our nephew Stephen and his parents. For Christmas we gave them a date night with complimentary babysitting, which was really just a ploy to get to hang out with our favorite little guy. Look at this face, cray cray adorbs to the max. 
Otto is particulaly smitten, he told me with a straight face the other day, "Mom, I want another baby. Can we buy Stephen?" Suuuuurrree, if only that's how it worked.

He has since told me that he wants a girl baby named Sarah….pretty sure he was confused and really meant that he wants Aunt Sarah to have a girl baby;) Get on that for him, Sarah, okay?
Ang and Justin, thanks for sharing your cutie with us! We think he is one of the best things ever!

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  1. Oh I agree with Otto! Have a baby girl! I already have the music on my computer for her newborn slideshow!