Thursday, February 6, 2014

Snow Day

Chris opened the front door to leave for work this morning and was surprised by a light dusting of snow. This winter has really been a winter! We were in Florida for the ice/snow that happened in December, so the kids are pumped.

It's been slowly coming down ever since, and the kids were jumping at the bit to go outside and explore. So, we put on every winter piece of clothing they own and headed out.
Notice there are no gloves…we don't have any. They do have three swimsuits each though, so they aren't completely unloved.
At first they were unsure...
But they quickly got far to brave and were considering a slide down the drive before party pooper Mom moved them to the slightly more forgiving yard.
Otto was very kind to hold Meri's hand, such an authoritative first born he is…"Like this Meri, this way.".
She took a flying leap anyway, you can't stop a younger child when they are determined.
As soon as her hands made contact with the ground she was done. We are back inside with dripping noses and promises to go back out when it's 'deeper'.

Happy Snow Day everyone!

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  1. Boy Otto is as happy as can be. That's the snow joy of a Texas kid. Only when it is this rare is it so fun.