Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Pass the Fruity Pebbles Please

Chris Weldy has passed a strange cereal eating gene down to my kids. He has matured in his choices, and generally goes for raisin and bran based varieties, but on occasion, sugary multi colored flakes still make it into the house. The kids LOVE these days. The way they go through boxes and boxes (of any type), will always choose it as a snack or meal, and think it's the most special of treats, is so odd to me. But I'm not a cereal eater, so I guess I just wouldn't understand? 

This morning, Meri made a special request for Fruity Pebbles. For a not super verbal person she really got her point across, and I just couldn't say no…could you? To this face? 
She also poses, complete with 'Geeze'. I kinda love this kid.
This bowl was a party favor a couple of years ago, and is still the favorite at our house.  
 I kept adding milk in an attempt to up the protein, but this crazy girl quickly downed her entire bowl. 

 Sorry Dad, but your treat cereal might be all gone when you get home. 

(Please note that Meri will also eat oatmeal or scrambled eggs without batting an eyelash. She's a terrific eater, and only sometimes talks me into giving her treats to start the day.)

(Also please note, she is currently skipping around the house in circles. And while she hasn't bounced off any walls yet, I'm sure I'll pay fully for my actions.)

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