Friday, February 28, 2014

Nana and Papa Visit!

For Christmas I got Chris tickets to see Chris Thile, the mandolin player for the newly reunited band, Nickel Creek. He was as excited as Chris gets about things, and I was pumped for a date night. It just happened to fall in February, so Valentines and Christmas got knocked out with one gift. Winning for this horrible gift giver! The concert was really fun, and was at The Kessler Theater in a very hipster area of Dallas. 
My sweet in-laws volunteered to make the drive and watch the kids, which we so appreciated. Nights out are far more enjoyable when you know that your kids are having a great time. Otto even told me, "Just go away Mom, I want to stay with these grown ups." He is a Nana and Papa fan for sure. 

Thank you Lisa and Juan! 
The following day we took a family trip to the Perot Museum. The kids and I have been making regular trips, but Chris finally got to join us this time!
Otto was SO EXCITED to show his Dad everything, but especially the robot room. I don't think Chris realized how into robots Otto was until we got there and Otto proceeded to get into a battle with a group of 3rd graders.
Chris had no trouble jumping in and playing with the programable cars. At least we know that Otto get's it honestly!
After exploring the upper floors, we headed for the preschool room which all the kids loved.
Working in the construction zone with Dad!
Otto is now bribable fro pictures. Sadly though, this is his forced smile. Almost painful:)
Stephen was such a trooper and kept up with the big kids so well all day.
He is the most cheerful little guy, and completely adorable.
And he, like Otto, LOVES Papa!

Thank you for coming to see us guys! We love spending time with you!

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