Monday, February 10, 2014

Dear Michael, I'm Sorry.

Once upon a time, when I was still a young naive thing who had never heard the phrase, "You pay for your raising.", I used a power drill to yank out a nickel sized chunk of hair from my younger brother's scalp. Michael, being the cool kid that he is, didn't rat me out to the parents. But, crazily enough, they totally found out anyway. Probably had something to do with the fact my sweet little brother had a shiny bald spot on the top of his head for three solid months before the hair finally grew back.

My poor parents were put through the ringer with my shenanigans…I put a key AND a quarter in electrical outlets, bouncing myself off the opposite hallway wall, but you know, thankfully not killing myself. I swam in mud puddles with water snakes, burned the crud out of my torso with boiling water…I was not an easy child. My poor Mom was generally RIGHT there when I did crazy things…I'm just not the kind of person who accepts an explanation, I have to experience it for myself. I do learn eventually though, I don't improper put things in wall outlets anymore!

Keep all that in mind and fast foreword to today.

The kids were playing happily together (!!!) in Otto's room, while I dealt with some phone busy work. When Meredith started shrieking, and Otto started belting 'Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star' (his guilty, comfort her quickly song), I took off running towards his bedroom.

This is what had happened.
Poor, poor girl. And poor Michael. Again, I am so, SO sorry buddy.
The train is battery powered, so it's wheel was really stuck. Thankfully, we were able to untangle it enough to make the cut line less noticeable. I was worried there for a bit that we would be rolling up to the beauty salon later this afternoon for a major fix job.

Meri has recovered, and was very gracious to Otto about the whole thing. She is happily running around the house now with not just one, but three pacifiers. I figured with the headache she most likely has allowing a pacifier mid day is the least we can do.

Otto's explanation? "I squiggled (his word for blender) her hair, Mom. Is my train okay?"


  1. OH MY!!
    I think one of your jobs in life was to get me ready for the boys, and yes, I remember those days well.
    Just think Lydia, Otto is only 3 and you were 13 when you wanted to see what would happen with the drill that close to Michael's head!
    Honey I am going to be praying for you. :D
    Take vitamins and drink coffee!

  2. I got my hair caught in the leaf blower once... long story - short ending. Sweet Meri - I may send you some extra pacis!

  3. Lolol Good times. Don't worry, I don't remember the pain, just the funny memory (Bits and pieces.) :) haha