Friday, February 28, 2014

Nana and Papa Visit!

For Christmas I got Chris tickets to see Chris Thile, the mandolin player for the newly reunited band, Nickel Creek. He was as excited as Chris gets about things, and I was pumped for a date night. It just happened to fall in February, so Valentines and Christmas got knocked out with one gift. Winning for this horrible gift giver! The concert was really fun, and was at The Kessler Theater in a very hipster area of Dallas. 
My sweet in-laws volunteered to make the drive and watch the kids, which we so appreciated. Nights out are far more enjoyable when you know that your kids are having a great time. Otto even told me, "Just go away Mom, I want to stay with these grown ups." He is a Nana and Papa fan for sure. 

Thank you Lisa and Juan! 
The following day we took a family trip to the Perot Museum. The kids and I have been making regular trips, but Chris finally got to join us this time!
Otto was SO EXCITED to show his Dad everything, but especially the robot room. I don't think Chris realized how into robots Otto was until we got there and Otto proceeded to get into a battle with a group of 3rd graders.
Chris had no trouble jumping in and playing with the programable cars. At least we know that Otto get's it honestly!
After exploring the upper floors, we headed for the preschool room which all the kids loved.
Working in the construction zone with Dad!
Otto is now bribable fro pictures. Sadly though, this is his forced smile. Almost painful:)
Stephen was such a trooper and kept up with the big kids so well all day.
He is the most cheerful little guy, and completely adorable.
And he, like Otto, LOVES Papa!

Thank you for coming to see us guys! We love spending time with you!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Cowtown 5K

We started our weekend early last Saturday. Chris had signed up to be a member of the Oncor team at the Cowtown 5K, and had to be on the Fort Worth side of town before 8:00am. Yikes! Most of our family members aren't morning people, but we made it and only forgot Chris' sunglasses. 
Before the race, squinting but awake.
Chris did a great job! It's nuts to me that some people can just hop out of bed and run three miles no sweat, I'm not that kind of girl at all. Chris wasn't completely happy with his time…kept mentioning something about the 'glory days' of 16 minute 5k's…but the kids and I were proud of him!
Go Daddy!
We ran into the Tovar's while we were there, look at this cute family!
Matt was super speedy and finished with a great time!
After the race, both these guys were talking about timing their miles weekly, and entering triathlons…we will see what they decide to race in the future. Also, they are both just a bit into their schools.
Fun morning, and it was made even better by a trip to Central Market before heading home for naps!

Friday, February 14, 2014


We tried a new Pinterest recipe today that is going to revolutionize my life. Well, not the recipe, it was pretty basic, but the method itself. For dinner we had lasagna…made in the crockpot! I freeze leftover spaghetti sauce and so it really was a simple layer process, turn it on and forget about it kind of thing. Genius, I tell you. Straight up genius. The noodles were delicious too, not sticky or soggy in the slightest. Try it, you won't be disappointed. 

Last weekend we got to spend a little time with our nephew Stephen and his parents. For Christmas we gave them a date night with complimentary babysitting, which was really just a ploy to get to hang out with our favorite little guy. Look at this face, cray cray adorbs to the max. 
Otto is particulaly smitten, he told me with a straight face the other day, "Mom, I want another baby. Can we buy Stephen?" Suuuuurrree, if only that's how it worked.

He has since told me that he wants a girl baby named Sarah….pretty sure he was confused and really meant that he wants Aunt Sarah to have a girl baby;) Get on that for him, Sarah, okay?
Ang and Justin, thanks for sharing your cutie with us! We think he is one of the best things ever!

Monday, February 10, 2014

Dear Michael, I'm Sorry.

Once upon a time, when I was still a young naive thing who had never heard the phrase, "You pay for your raising.", I used a power drill to yank out a nickel sized chunk of hair from my younger brother's scalp. Michael, being the cool kid that he is, didn't rat me out to the parents. But, crazily enough, they totally found out anyway. Probably had something to do with the fact my sweet little brother had a shiny bald spot on the top of his head for three solid months before the hair finally grew back.

My poor parents were put through the ringer with my shenanigans…I put a key AND a quarter in electrical outlets, bouncing myself off the opposite hallway wall, but you know, thankfully not killing myself. I swam in mud puddles with water snakes, burned the crud out of my torso with boiling water…I was not an easy child. My poor Mom was generally RIGHT there when I did crazy things…I'm just not the kind of person who accepts an explanation, I have to experience it for myself. I do learn eventually though, I don't improper put things in wall outlets anymore!

Keep all that in mind and fast foreword to today.

The kids were playing happily together (!!!) in Otto's room, while I dealt with some phone busy work. When Meredith started shrieking, and Otto started belting 'Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star' (his guilty, comfort her quickly song), I took off running towards his bedroom.

This is what had happened.
Poor, poor girl. And poor Michael. Again, I am so, SO sorry buddy.
The train is battery powered, so it's wheel was really stuck. Thankfully, we were able to untangle it enough to make the cut line less noticeable. I was worried there for a bit that we would be rolling up to the beauty salon later this afternoon for a major fix job.

Meri has recovered, and was very gracious to Otto about the whole thing. She is happily running around the house now with not just one, but three pacifiers. I figured with the headache she most likely has allowing a pacifier mid day is the least we can do.

Otto's explanation? "I squiggled (his word for blender) her hair, Mom. Is my train okay?"

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Snow Day

Chris opened the front door to leave for work this morning and was surprised by a light dusting of snow. This winter has really been a winter! We were in Florida for the ice/snow that happened in December, so the kids are pumped.

It's been slowly coming down ever since, and the kids were jumping at the bit to go outside and explore. So, we put on every winter piece of clothing they own and headed out.
Notice there are no gloves…we don't have any. They do have three swimsuits each though, so they aren't completely unloved.
At first they were unsure...
But they quickly got far to brave and were considering a slide down the drive before party pooper Mom moved them to the slightly more forgiving yard.
Otto was very kind to hold Meri's hand, such an authoritative first born he is…"Like this Meri, this way.".
She took a flying leap anyway, you can't stop a younger child when they are determined.
As soon as her hands made contact with the ground she was done. We are back inside with dripping noses and promises to go back out when it's 'deeper'.

Happy Snow Day everyone!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Pass the Fruity Pebbles Please

Chris Weldy has passed a strange cereal eating gene down to my kids. He has matured in his choices, and generally goes for raisin and bran based varieties, but on occasion, sugary multi colored flakes still make it into the house. The kids LOVE these days. The way they go through boxes and boxes (of any type), will always choose it as a snack or meal, and think it's the most special of treats, is so odd to me. But I'm not a cereal eater, so I guess I just wouldn't understand? 

This morning, Meri made a special request for Fruity Pebbles. For a not super verbal person she really got her point across, and I just couldn't say no…could you? To this face? 
She also poses, complete with 'Geeze'. I kinda love this kid.
This bowl was a party favor a couple of years ago, and is still the favorite at our house.  
 I kept adding milk in an attempt to up the protein, but this crazy girl quickly downed her entire bowl. 

 Sorry Dad, but your treat cereal might be all gone when you get home. 

(Please note that Meri will also eat oatmeal or scrambled eggs without batting an eyelash. She's a terrific eater, and only sometimes talks me into giving her treats to start the day.)

(Also please note, she is currently skipping around the house in circles. And while she hasn't bounced off any walls yet, I'm sure I'll pay fully for my actions.)