Thursday, January 23, 2014

Fun Day Monday…Oh Wait, it's Thursday? Dang.

*brushes imaginary dust off shoulder* We Weldy's are pretty much rocking this family fun day goal. Chris had Monday off, and so we hopped in the car for an adventure. Our plan was the Dallas Zoo, but it was incredibly crowded due to the school holiday. When we saw the traffic lined up just to park we kept driving and ended up at the Dallas World Aquarium. It was Chris' first visit and I think he really enjoyed it! 

We were greeted by a giant penguin dancing to jazz, Otto was a fan. 

Lunch overlooking the shark tank!

Sting rays!
Meredith is such an animal lover, and kept proclaiming, "Woah!" at each new exhibit. Love that we got to spend two days just being us this month…now to keep it up for the rest of the year. :)

Because I had promised a zoo trip to the littles and wasn't able to deliver, yesterday we invited Augie to go explore with us!
 Augie also brought his mom and younger sibling. How great does Jenny look?? Almost halfway!

It was our first visit to the Dallas Zoo (and we will be going back many times! Thanks Hannah, Abbey, and Michael!) and the kids were very impressed with the bronze animal statues.

We did see real animals:) Some of the favorites were this albino alligator and a rabbit the size of Meredith. And Otto danced giddy circles through the amphibian exhibit, which was chock full of snakes…gag.

Speaking of Meri, cutest.girl.ever.

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