Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Family Fun Day!

I made a New Year resolution for my family…and then told them about it. Thankfully, they are on 
board. :)

With little children, or ours at least, sometimes it's easier to stay home. It seems like anytime we try to leave the house, everyone needs a new outfit and/or a nap, then someone is hungry, and all the socks disappear. But staying in our comfort zone (and comfy clothes!) all the time doesn't work either. 

So my goal this year is to have at least one planned family activity a month. Where it's just the four of us with no electronic distractions. If everyone is dressed in clean clothes with socks that match, we get double awesome points.

So yesterday, to kick off our resolution, we went bowling!
Otto didn't understand what bowling was, so Chris pulled up a couple of Youtube videos and Otto decided that he could get on board with the plan. Creating chaos from order is right up this boy's alley.

Meri was too busy picking out her ball to join us for a shoe picture.
We bowled with bumpers, (for the children, obvs.) and Meredith still won!
Definitely better than staying home a tackling the never ending laundry:) 

Now, let's see if I can talk Chris into a grown up date night once a month too...

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