Monday, January 6, 2014

Better Christmas Photos

Look what Sarah sent me! More pictures from Christmas Day at my parents house, and of the sharp and more focused variety:) 

So here you go, in no particular order:

Kyle and Sarah gave Otto his first shaving kit. THILLED him to the max and there was an immediate excursion to the bathroom to test it out. 

Michael asking Kyle for his own shaving kit next year.
My Dad got Otto a pop gun. Again cue the THRILLED reaction from Otto.
Love how everyone in the background in cringing.
By day three of opening presents, Meredith had warmed up to the idea and started opening them for herself.
Her reaction to seeing the beautiful shoes (two pairs, he speaks her love language) the MG gave her is the best.
High heels for a one year old:)
And then back to the trend of crazy gifts for a three year old--Swords from Uncle Sam!

Meri taking over opening Otto's pellet gun.
Hannah gave Michael a box of forks…you know, to eat lunch with…in the neighbor's yard at midnight.
And the best gift of the night, when Michael tried to one up Sam and gave Stuart an eight carat necklace. ;)

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