Thursday, January 23, 2014

Fun Day Monday…Oh Wait, it's Thursday? Dang.

*brushes imaginary dust off shoulder* We Weldy's are pretty much rocking this family fun day goal. Chris had Monday off, and so we hopped in the car for an adventure. Our plan was the Dallas Zoo, but it was incredibly crowded due to the school holiday. When we saw the traffic lined up just to park we kept driving and ended up at the Dallas World Aquarium. It was Chris' first visit and I think he really enjoyed it! 

We were greeted by a giant penguin dancing to jazz, Otto was a fan. 

Lunch overlooking the shark tank!

Sting rays!
Meredith is such an animal lover, and kept proclaiming, "Woah!" at each new exhibit. Love that we got to spend two days just being us this month…now to keep it up for the rest of the year. :)

Because I had promised a zoo trip to the littles and wasn't able to deliver, yesterday we invited Augie to go explore with us!
 Augie also brought his mom and younger sibling. How great does Jenny look?? Almost halfway!

It was our first visit to the Dallas Zoo (and we will be going back many times! Thanks Hannah, Abbey, and Michael!) and the kids were very impressed with the bronze animal statues.

We did see real animals:) Some of the favorites were this albino alligator and a rabbit the size of Meredith. And Otto danced giddy circles through the amphibian exhibit, which was chock full of snakes…gag.

Speaking of Meri, cutest.girl.ever.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

This Week in List Form

1. The poor kids have had yucky colds this week so we've been staying in. The only week this month where we had real events and playdates scheduled and everything has been canceled because of germs.

2. Chris put new tires on our stroller recently, and the kids and I broke out of the house today for some fresh air. Lots of migrating ducks have set up residence in the park across the street. They're smart though, and swam away quickly when Otto and Meri started hurling popcorn at them.

3. There has been hair drama at our house this week. It was almost a good thing that the littles are sick…I didn't have to leave the house looking like I'd been run over by a lawn mower. I went in for a quick trim at one of those strip mall chain salons--worst idea ever. This was the result of asking for a light layer two inches up. Yeah, I totally ran out of there, cried over it at home and consumed an entire loaf of bread.
Thankfully, I found a really great stylist who fixed it for me. Shout out to Crystal, we are BFF's for life.

4. Other than the hair issue, I've been on a lucky streak lately. In December I won two different contests, a fabric bundle and a dozen professionally decorated cookies. Good things come in three's right? I've been entering contest like crazy while crossing my fingers that this is true. Last night I dreamed that I won the kids an iPad, so we're just going to speak it into existence that I have the lucky gene like my great-grandmother until they actually get that iPad. My great-grandmother would enter raffles, then give the ticket away as a gift, she was that sure she would win. Cross your fingers and toes for me people!

5. I've been doing some sewing again! (Wow, this list is really all about me.) A past customer on Etsy contacted me for a themed birthday dress.
Otto was impressed. He loves Doc McStuffins (little girl who doctors her stuffed animals, while wearing pink and purple), and really wanted me to make a dress for him as well. Maybe a doctor coat instead?

I've also added a few super fun throw pillows to the shop. When we bought our new couch (didn't post a picture of that, did I? Oops!) I went a little nuts ordering fabrics trying to find the perfect match for throw pillows. I'm posting the few (okay, several, I have a problem.) that didn't work in the room in an attempt to clear out Chris' office, which is also know as 'Lydia's fabric storage unit'.
If you see something you like, shoot me a Facebook message and I'll send you a 25% off code.

6. When you have sick kids, Pinterest is really a life saver. We've been trolling the site for fun ideas, and came across a copycat recipe for Chickfila nuggets. Since, you know, I totally have a baby deep fryer, the kids and I made them for dinner last night.
Pretty good! More dry than the restaurant version, but that could be because our cook times leaned towards overdone as raw chicken isn't our favorite. I've also heard a rumor that CFA brines their chicken (possibly in pickle juice??), which would make a big difference. Very good, and we'll definitely make them again sometime.

7. Otto really enjoys the story of David and Goliath. At bedtime the other night he told it to me instead of the normal reverse, "Once upon a time, there was a great big giant named Goliath. And he was really, really tall. He was TWO (!!!) feet tall. " My Mom suggested trying to trace Goliath's actual dimensions to give Otto a visual of how big he really was, so we hit up Google for the info and headed to the front drive.
Goliath and Otto's version of David. "He's really little Mom."
Apparently, Goliath was somewhere around 9'6 while David was approximated at 5'2. Pretty nuts.
Look who finally decided that writing his name is cool again!

8. My new favorite station on Pandora is 'Hymns'. I have, ahem, juvenile taste in music, and most of what I listen too isn't really child appropriate. This station is all classic hymns, mostly instrumental, with a few well sung traditional numbers thrown in. Very nice for back ground noise. (I know siblings, I've straight up turned into Mom.) I don't like most contemporary Christian music, "Breath of God, you are my lover." really just doesn't do it for me, but this station is lovely.

9. Look what else I Chris did to decrease the fabric stash!
I found three of these chairs for cheap and they are super sturdy, and minus the hotel style fabric, really cute!

10. Otto took some selfies with my phone today. Love this kid and the way he kept saying, "Oh, that's stylish!".


Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Family Fun Day!

I made a New Year resolution for my family…and then told them about it. Thankfully, they are on 
board. :)

With little children, or ours at least, sometimes it's easier to stay home. It seems like anytime we try to leave the house, everyone needs a new outfit and/or a nap, then someone is hungry, and all the socks disappear. But staying in our comfort zone (and comfy clothes!) all the time doesn't work either. 

So my goal this year is to have at least one planned family activity a month. Where it's just the four of us with no electronic distractions. If everyone is dressed in clean clothes with socks that match, we get double awesome points.

So yesterday, to kick off our resolution, we went bowling!
Otto didn't understand what bowling was, so Chris pulled up a couple of Youtube videos and Otto decided that he could get on board with the plan. Creating chaos from order is right up this boy's alley.

Meri was too busy picking out her ball to join us for a shoe picture.
We bowled with bumpers, (for the children, obvs.) and Meredith still won!
Definitely better than staying home a tackling the never ending laundry:) 

Now, let's see if I can talk Chris into a grown up date night once a month too...

Monday, January 6, 2014

Better Christmas Photos

Look what Sarah sent me! More pictures from Christmas Day at my parents house, and of the sharp and more focused variety:) 

So here you go, in no particular order:

Kyle and Sarah gave Otto his first shaving kit. THILLED him to the max and there was an immediate excursion to the bathroom to test it out. 

Michael asking Kyle for his own shaving kit next year.
My Dad got Otto a pop gun. Again cue the THRILLED reaction from Otto.
Love how everyone in the background in cringing.
By day three of opening presents, Meredith had warmed up to the idea and started opening them for herself.
Her reaction to seeing the beautiful shoes (two pairs, he speaks her love language) the MG gave her is the best.
High heels for a one year old:)
And then back to the trend of crazy gifts for a three year old--Swords from Uncle Sam!

Meri taking over opening Otto's pellet gun.
Hannah gave Michael a box of forks…you know, to eat lunch with…in the neighbor's yard at midnight.
And the best gift of the night, when Michael tried to one up Sam and gave Stuart an eight carat necklace. ;)