Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013

Thanksgiving is my favorite. Food and family without all the craziness of shopping for gifts.
Juan, Lisa, Chris, Otto, Michael, Justin, Stephen, Angela, Abbey, Meredith, Judy, and Mike
Chris, stud muffin that he is, invited our families to celebrate at our house this year! Makes me happy to have (most) of our people in one place!
And not only were they good sports about road tripping to our house, but they also all participated in the games we had planned. :)

There was table tennis, bean bag toss, and paper football, but the most hilarious was this 'art' project. The goal was to draw a turkey...behind your back without looking.
Sam, Angela, and Michael were the three finalists. Sam was deemed the winner, because he not only drew his turkey from a rear view, but he also (attempted) to sign his name.
I'm including this shot because there aren't enough Chris and Lydia pictures in this world...and I'm not cropping it, because hello, photo bombers should be punished rewarded.  Creepy T-Rex anyone? 
Speaking of Abbey, she is doing fantastic! Thanksgiving was the one year anniversary of getting out of the hospital, following her diabetic coma. We are so, SO glad that we get to continuing celebrating with our Abbey, and that she is such a rock star in managing her disease. We even love it when she photo bombs;)
Abbey and Michael
 Happy belated Thanksgiving everyone, and we hope you had as beautiful day as we did!

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