Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Meredith at a Year and a Half

And then I only blogged twice in November. I'm blaming Instagram. It's just so easy to upload a single picture and move on.

But, truth be told, I'm a little burned out on blogging. When I started this blog I actually had two brain cells to rub together and could form complete sentences. I even posted without using pictures, what was I thinking?! Now, post babies, it seems my brain has atrophied and I only have the ability to post a blurry picture or two with a caption about how ridiculously adorable my kids are...and they really are, I just feel like I fail to present it in an articulate way.

So. I'm going to go back to my original plan for this little space on the internet. I don't blog for profit, or to make some incredible impact on the world, the goal is to document the little details of our life. I don't keep baby books, and would make a terrible scrap booker, so blogging is it for me.

That being said, how about some details about Meredith?

Last month she got two new teeth, both lower canines (right then left), and is really working on the uppers.  She has started making great strides with her speech, and while most people can't understand her, she can easily get her point across to us. She is even stringing a few phrases together, "Where are you?" and "Yeah, yeah, yeah".

She is all girl. Today, we were outside building mud pies, and while she was happy to help, had to have her hands cleaned every few minutes.

Shoes are a must. For her especially, but also for anyone in her vicinity. Some days she naps in her leopard flats or bunny boots because they are just that important. In the mornings, she requests a bow before leaving her room, and then immediately asks where Otto is.

She cheers for you when she approves of your actions. Find her pacifier? Offer her a drink? (Water only please, homegirl doesn't have time for juice.) And you will be praised with "Yayayaya!" and clapping.

She LOVES to sing. Current favorites are Old MacDonald, Where is Thumb-kin, and If You're Happy and You Know It.

She is a artist, and will happily color for twenty minutes. Otto is just getting to the point where he can stomach one activity for that amount of time, so this just blows my mind.

And let's talk about that hair. These pictures are from last month, but they definitely just the point across. We are rapidly approaching her third haircut, some shaping is a must. 

Most days she sports this look, messy bun haphazardly pinned up on top of her head. It keeps her hair out of her eyes and away from flying food.

We really love this girl, and yes, she is ridiculously adorable, both on the inside and out. 

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