Saturday, December 21, 2013

Meredith at the Beach

Our first stop in Florida was Sarasota. Chris' BFF for life and then some, Shawn, and his wife Jessica, are now residents of the Sunshine State and live just minutes from some of the prettiest beaches in America. 

Because the weather was simply perfect (80 degrees and clear skies) we spent our first morning relaxing on the sand. Both the kids LOVED it. 

But this post is really about Meri. Apparently oceans are her jam, just look at that face. Think she's excited just a touch? Also, monogrammed swimsuit that finally fits in the dead of winter--hello cuteness.
Into the water they go! (Please note that Otto, while excited, is being carried. Someone (SAM!) told him a little too much about sharks, and now he is very worried about safety in large bodies of water. Anything bigger than a bath tub gives him cause for concern.)

No fear. She's alone in these pictures because Chris was running Otto back to me so he could follow her into the water.
Meredith heading for the waves, while Otto checks for sharks.
Her expressions in these next photos are just the best. Posting them all because I can.

See? You know you're smiling. She's the most adorable mess.

And Otto, he did make it out to about waist depth....eventually.  He was very happy digging in the sand with Jessica, while I policed Meri, and Chris and Shawn body boarded.
Wonderful, relaxing morning for sure.  Meri was asleep before we left the beach parking lot, it's hard work being so cute!

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  1. WAY to go Sam!

    It's what being an uncle is all about. Remember when OUR Uncle made us come check out the deer they had shot with a red bloody nose and told us they had shot Rudolph?

    Also, he's safer if he has a respect for deep bodies of water. And most shark attacks happen in Florida anyway.