Monday, December 23, 2013

Florida Continued

After spending the weekend on the coast, we drove inland to Orlando. Chris was attending a training M-F for work, so the kids and I entertained ourselves while he was in class, and each evening we used Yelp to find the highest rated hole-in-the-walls in the area. Shout out to The Purple Orchid, delicious.

We had a great time exploring the parks close to our hotel, and even saw an alligator in the pond across the street while on an evening walk. Florida is a lovely place, but I'm not sure I could live there full time. Alligators AND snakes?? Yikes!
We went to the Orlando Science Center, which was fantastic. Fifty percent of it was well over the kids heads, but they were thrilled by it none the less. The dinosaur replica exhibit blew Otto away.
All of the exhibits and rooms had interactive portions and we easily could have spent a second day there. If you are ever in Orlando and have a spare day, this is the place to go!
"I'm just like Papa, Mom."
If you ever see this girl driving a train, run! She's a wild woman behind the controls. 
We also went to Downtown Disney, but it wasn't a hit.  Both the kids enjoyed riding the water taxi, but really didn't understand the characters. Meri isn't quite old enough for princesses, and Otto is more of a Diego kid, so they weren't too thrilled. The lego table did catch his eye though.
Orange picking, however, was so much fun! A very kind orchard employee named Anthony let Otto pull the wagon, explained to the littles how to tell which fruit was ripe, and even peeled an orange for them to sample.

We picked lemons, tangerines, grapefruit, and several varieties of oranges to bring home. Best I've ever tasted!

Poor Chris really wasn't on vacation, working all day and spending most nights in the hotel business center finishing a term project. But on our last night before heading home he did get to enjoy a little of the beautiful weather with us.
Aren't these two boys the cutest?
We are very thankful for a Daddy who thinks road tripping across the US with two little people is great fun, and let's us join him on work trips!

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