Friday, November 15, 2013

East Texas

We've still got germs over here...really awful germs. The kids and I are starting to see the light, but Chris was late to join the party and will probably need a few more days to recover. We spent the day defunking the house, getting caught up on laundry, and stepping on each other's toes. The littles and I are feeling a little closed in, staying home all week is taking it's toll on us:( I'm feeling a park walk tomorrow just to get a little fresh air, which is very much needed.

But enough about our cooties, let's go back to a happier time, last week when when spent a few days at my parent's house. They were in Chicago, and wanted an 'adult' to hold down the fort. Not really sure why they asked their (self admitted) wildest child to be said adult, but we had a great time...and didn't burn the house down, win!

And while we didn't get to see much of my parents, we did get to spend lots of time with almost everyone else. All four of the cousins!
All four of these babies really LOVE Abbey. With good reason, she's a pretty fantastic person and is always available for wagon rides.
Sam was in for the weekend and went hunting with Israel. They brought home a hog and a deer. Otto wasn't phased at all and happily went to view the carnage.
He even brought out a butter knife, because Israel told him that real men use their knives to cut meat off the carcass, cook it over an open fire, and eat it.  The things you learn from your uncles.
Skoo-wert! Otto has a tiny bit of a crush on Stuart, and you can't blame him, she's a sweetheart!
It got super cold while we were there, and I borrowed one of my brother's jackets. Otto thought it was great that we matched.
Abbey and Michael are always fun, and make sure that my littles have the best time. Meri is a wild woman on the swings!
And when Uncle Michael is doing the pushing, Otto gets brave too!
Both the littles loved the old school see-saw that has been at this particular park since I was a kid.
Pretty great week! Thanks for letting us hang with you Michael and Abbey:)

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