Friday, October 18, 2013

Zoo Day!

Fall is officially here and we got to enjoy it today at the zoo! Meredith was so excited to see the animals!
Otto doesn't take well to temperature change, and had to bundle up before even eating his breakfast. He has, however, been enjoying getting to wear hoodies on the regular. 
The Connelly girls met us there and we loved getting to visit and explore with them. Look how big Miss Maggie is getting!
Baby elephants!
Meri did her best to keep up with the big kids, and was a fence climbing maniac.
She even attempted to lure the bears closer by dangling her shoe through the bars. This girl is daring.
We brought a picnic lunch, which is a BIG deal to the littles right now, and they enjoyed their peanut butter sandwiches on a possibly very dirty picnic table. Contrary to the look on Otto's face, he's currently loving anything that has 'Minky's' honey on it.
After lunch we explored the North American exhibit and saw an adorable baby jaguar that paired nicely with two baby elephants from the Africa section. And we saw an event that will most likely lead to a brand new baby rhino in a year and four months. Very...educational.
Good day, we definitely need to squeeze in a few more trips before the weather transitions to winter.

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