Thursday, October 31, 2013

Trick or Treating!

The kids dressed up and headed out right at dusk for a little trick or treating! 
Otto was self proclaimed bag holder, and did a great job. (I totally spaced on the location of their actual treat bags, maybe they were lost in the move? Didn't phase them a bit to share thankfully!)

Picture with Daddy while the light was still good:)
And Mommy too!
 They were PUMPED, and crazy adorable waddling down the sidewalk.
Meri was a little hesitant at their first stop, and hung back while Otto blazed ahead. She quickly caught on however, and was leading the charge by the third house.
They only made it down one cul-de-sac before Otto decided it was time to head home and hand out our own candy. Fine with Chris and I, less candy to make disappear.
I think waiting on the drive with the candy bucket was their favorite part of the night. Otto kept exclaiming, "Look! More trick or treaters! Aren't they so cute Mommy?" And while Otto gave each kid a generous handful of candy, Meredith used her stealth skills to snatch another piece of chocolate. Meri can recognize a Twix wrapper now, and she's a fan.

Fun night! Happy Halloween!

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