Monday, October 14, 2013

The Homeland for the Day

If you follow our Instagram feed, you noticed that we made a flying trip to Bryan/College Station on Tuesday. Chris got the oppurtunity to help with job interviews for his company, but only found out about it Monday afternoon about 3:00. We decided to tag along to see the aunts and uncle, and we were ready to leave when Chris got home about five. Spur of the moment travel with littles, phew! I spent most of the rest of this week recovering.

Aunt Hannah was super sweet to let up stay at her house spur of the moment...and Kyle and Sarah live next door!
Aunt Sarah always has the best surprises for Otto and Meri. This frog hat is a new favorite!

Even though our trip was super short, we made stops a several of our favorite places in town. HEB for more car snacks (they never stop eating, ever), and we went to campus early to pick up Chris so that the littles and I could explore a bit.
We walked through the newly renovated MSC and stopped at the bookstore for a snack. (See? Always eating.) Otto loved this larger than life Reveille. Puppy hugs!
The stadium is being expanded, and because of this G Rollie White was taken down. There is just a lot there now, that several earth movers were working on leveling. Meri was impressed by the noise and employed her new trick to protect herself, cover those ears baby! (She also does this while running through the house shrieking and laughing, loud noises don't bother her a bit.)
Kyle Field! Otto told me he's going to 'play football there, and it will be perfect' in the future. I'd probably prefer Yell Leader, or Corp member, but we will see!
Our last stop before picking up Daddy, was the pond behind Rudder. Not my best idea for a photo op, about two seconds after this picture Meredith was up on the ledge preparing for a swan dive and I had to hustle to stop her. No pond hopping in October little girl. 
And we can't forget Lincoln and Naomi who live across the street! Our littles love getting to play with them when we visit.

Thanks Hannah and Sarah, for letting us just drop in on you!

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