Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Scary Meri and the Ottoasaurus

Hi guys! I'm Scary Meri the (baby pink) dinosaur! (as specified by her older brother, who also chose the theme this year.)

This is my brother, he's an Ottoasaurus.

Being a dinosaur gives you super running skills! (Wearing sweatsuits barefoot, what can I say, it's Texas.)

 And pouncing powers!

And don't forget, when you are a dinosaur you get to ROAR! (She really does, on command even. ADORABLE.)

I found the pattern for their tails on Running with Scissors, and then went a little crazy and added spikes to their hoodies too. Depending on how well they wash, the littles might be sporting the dino look all winter;)

Hey Scary Meri, how old are you?

They both (thankfully) think wearing their tails is the best. thing. ever. And watching them waggle around the yard possibly is the best thing ever. Biased Mom here, but y'all, these kids are beyond cute. We can't wait to trot around the neighborhood tomorrow night and see if we can't scare up some treats!

Happy Halloween everyone!


  1. Stop. Just stop. No. Impossible to be any cuter than them!! EEEK! Great job, lady!!!

  2. Wow! What precious children the Lord blessed you with! Have a great time tomorrow! Can't wait to hear the "tales" from this Halloween!

  3. Seriously. Matt and I are DYING from the cuteness!!! You did such a great job on their costumes!! They're lucky kids to have a Mama with your skills!