Monday, October 7, 2013

Play Date at the Tumble Gym

Remember how I said joining MOPS was going to be good for us? Well, I was right. (toot, toot! *blows my own horn*)

Today we met up with a few of the moms and kiddos from the group at a local cheer gym for Preschool Playtime. SO much fun and the littles were starving and TIRED when we left. Total win!
This is Otto's 'hurry up and take the picture so I can play' face. Meredith didn't want to wait.
 Foam pit! The little bum sticking up right above Meri's head is Otto:)
Poor girl is still working on those pesky canines.
Otto wasn't quite brave enough to do a running jump into the foam pit, but he played there most of the hour and a half we stayed. They started building 'houses' and block towers, definitely had a blast!
Loved getting to know a few of the other MOPS moms in a smaller setting and looking forward to more fun play dates in the future!

Mommy friends, look and see if gyms local to you offer something like this. Completely worth the five dollar charge and so much fun for the little people. I hadn't even thought of this as an activity option.

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