Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Pinteresty Afternoon

Late Friday, after a full morning at MOPS (where Meredith said NO! to staying in the kids area, but did great sitting in the mom's meeting), we were running out of steam. So to Pinterest I went! Otto adores making things, and Meri is quite the colorer these days, so a craft project was in order. 
 I was a little worried about paint getting everywhere, but they both did great!
...for a bit. The good news is, she only licked the brush once, so there's that.
But you have to admit, those are pretty impressive plate painting skills for a 17 month old.

Not to be shown up, Otto painted three.
We added construction paper and a pipe cleaner with the hot glue gun and called them done, fun projects that are now decorating the mantel!
The natives were still restless, so the remaining pipe cleaners and colander were put to use. Again, this idea is all over Pinterest. (I'd link, but I have no idea who the is the original.)
Eight minutes later that activity was old news and we decided a walk to the park was in order. While I was dressing Meredith (We do have a rule about going outside naked...inside though? Not so much.) Otto ran to his room for shoes. He came out ready to go in his, two sizes too big cowboy boots. "Look! I'm wearing my cowboy boots! These are perfect, I look just like MG!" My Dad often does wear boots, and yes, my tall, blonde, blue eyed kid does look like his grandfather:) 
I was worried the too large boots would be a tripping hazard, but he did great marching though the grass 'looking for scary, scary snakes'. Meredith, however, crashed hardcore on the sidewalk and got her first goose egg that turned into a pretty impressive bruise:(
She is a trooper though and didn't let that spoil her fun on the slides. 
And Daddy was home when we finally made it back to the house! Thank you Pinterest for getting us through those last (hard) few hours of the day.

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