Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Oh Otto

There's no doubt that I believe my kids are the best thing that ever happened to the planet, as their mom I'm allowed to think that way. They are beyond hilarious, adorable, and a hot mess all at the same time. Some of the things they do and say are just to good to forget, so I'm posting them here for my keepsake.

Lately, Otto has been a little bit opinionated. He needs to be right about, you know, everything, and things need to be done his way. This even extends to cuddle time with Mommy.

Otto: Give me a kiss! (I comply and he immediately wipes it off) I can't like kisses, I only like hugs.
Me: Why is that Buddy? I love giving you kisses.
Otto: Because Daddy gives me hugs. And high fives.

But he will let Daddy kiss him, and Meri can too for that matter. Mommy, however gets the brush off ninety percent of the time. Little stinker.

He definitely has a proclivity towards managerial roles, and will watch as we tidy the toys, while Meri sings "Up, up, up" and dances as she cleans. She is a great little helper and loves to pick-up, but Otto will tell us, "I'm just going to watch while you clean my room." It doesn't fly, but you have to give him points for trying.

We've been on a cooking/baking together kick. Otto, being three, only eats the most select of diets, but helping with dinner prep generally sneaks a few calories into his system via taste tests. We made bread yesterday and it blew his mind. He couldn't get over the fact that we made bread. Just like the stuff from the store! (Props to Chris for fixing my mixer!!) He loves watching the cooking process: "Them growing! Getting so big and strong!" 

Today, while driving home, Otto spotted a pop-up Halloween store in a shopping center.
Otto: Mommy, a Halloween store! Are we going to stop there?"
Me: Umm, not today. Halloween stores have lots of fun costumes, but sometimes they have scary things or nasty masks that Mommy can't handle.
Otto: "I like scary monsters! And dragons! They are my friends, I LOVE them!"
Me: Okay Buddy, we still aren't going to stop. That's something you will have to do with Daddy.
Otto: (brief pause) "Mommy. I'm not pretending. I love them"

Meredith is her own little person as well, and geeked out when she saw a picture of broccoli on Pinterest the other day. Not the three kinds of cake that I also pinned, the broccoli. And then we made some for dinner and she and her brother ate a POUND of it between themselves.

Little people are weird. You heard it here first.

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