Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Daddy Will be Home in 45 Minutes

Meredith Mae Weldy (because we have been using the full name A LOT today) has discovered that the super sonic girly shriek she has perfected makes Otto cry.
And then she abused her new powers...all day.

Otto has hit a phase where everything incites drama. I, oh so meanly, forced them to check out a new park this morning. He had a meltdown because we were leaving the house. And then another when we had to leave the park to have lunch. How dare I take them out for a special lunch at Chickfila?! The agony!
I think they know that crying babies are possibly the saddest, most stressful thing in perhaps the entire world, and are using it to break me.
So today has been all about distractions. If there is going to be yelling, crying, and fit throwing, let it at least be in a scenic setting, right? We discovered a new walking/biking trail today that goes across the dam at Joe Pool Lake. It's three miles long one way, so we didn't make it all the way to the other side, but maybe someday in the future when Daddy can meet us on the other side.  It was a road at one point, so it makes a great stroller path.
Can you spot the coyote droppings on the road? Otto did, and there were real tears when we didn't take them home with us.

We also explored a new park, where the teeter-totter was a big hit. Yep, you guessed it. BIG drama when we had to leave.
After a nap for Meri, we made graham crackers in an attempt to distract. We only broke one glass bowl and cried over how long they took to cook, but they did turn out delicious, so win!
Oh yes, let's not forget that Otto taught Meri how to undress herself. Yay...
And then someone posted this video to Facebook, and I watched it. And bawled much like Otto does when Meri 'scares' him.


Our grumpy day is most likely caused by a growth spurt and tomorrow will be better. Our challenges are small. I am so glad that my babies are healthy and whole and perfect.

And able to wash their hands in the toilet like Meredith Mae Weldy totally just did.  *head/desk*


  1. I am not laughing. A lot. Really, I'm not. I am relieved that I am not the only one that has these moments. And I'm only "in charge" from 4-8:30... but those can be the longest 4 hours of my life. And I have NEVER, I mean hardly ever, picked them up at the last minute possible, taken the long way home, and fed them cereal for dinner just to keep my sanity. Ever.

    Hang in there! You are great!

  2. Lydia, your kids are awesome! and your mom-skills rock! I hope I can be as good as you some day. :) Miss y'all!