Monday, October 28, 2013

Baby Stephen Visit

Aunt Lala came to visit last weekend! And she brought baby Stephen, which won her a spot in Meri's heart forever. She couldn't get over the fact that Lala had brought a baby just for her! 

All weekend she kept offering him snacks, and following him around like he was her personal puppy. Babies and puppies, two of Meredith's favorites! 
Nana came up on Saturday, and we enjoyed playing in the yard and park, and watching the Aggies BTHO Vanderbilt.

Stephen is all boy, and loved doing all the big kid activities at the park. Almost ten months already, craziness!
Stephen isn't the only one who thinks the park was made for toddlers, Meri is a crazy woman when it comes to slides.
And Otto was far too busy to deal with the momarazzi.

Hey Otto, can I take a picture of your awesome climbing skills? "No. No Mom, I need my privacy. Go away, please." At least he said please, right?
Thanks for coming to see us Nana, Lala, and Stephen!

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