Thursday, October 31, 2013

Trick or Treating!

The kids dressed up and headed out right at dusk for a little trick or treating! 
Otto was self proclaimed bag holder, and did a great job. (I totally spaced on the location of their actual treat bags, maybe they were lost in the move? Didn't phase them a bit to share thankfully!)

Picture with Daddy while the light was still good:)
And Mommy too!
 They were PUMPED, and crazy adorable waddling down the sidewalk.
Meri was a little hesitant at their first stop, and hung back while Otto blazed ahead. She quickly caught on however, and was leading the charge by the third house.
They only made it down one cul-de-sac before Otto decided it was time to head home and hand out our own candy. Fine with Chris and I, less candy to make disappear.
I think waiting on the drive with the candy bucket was their favorite part of the night. Otto kept exclaiming, "Look! More trick or treaters! Aren't they so cute Mommy?" And while Otto gave each kid a generous handful of candy, Meredith used her stealth skills to snatch another piece of chocolate. Meri can recognize a Twix wrapper now, and she's a fan.

Fun night! Happy Halloween!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Scary Meri and the Ottoasaurus

Hi guys! I'm Scary Meri the (baby pink) dinosaur! (as specified by her older brother, who also chose the theme this year.)

This is my brother, he's an Ottoasaurus.

Being a dinosaur gives you super running skills! (Wearing sweatsuits barefoot, what can I say, it's Texas.)

 And pouncing powers!

And don't forget, when you are a dinosaur you get to ROAR! (She really does, on command even. ADORABLE.)

I found the pattern for their tails on Running with Scissors, and then went a little crazy and added spikes to their hoodies too. Depending on how well they wash, the littles might be sporting the dino look all winter;)

Hey Scary Meri, how old are you?

They both (thankfully) think wearing their tails is the best. thing. ever. And watching them waggle around the yard possibly is the best thing ever. Biased Mom here, but y'all, these kids are beyond cute. We can't wait to trot around the neighborhood tomorrow night and see if we can't scare up some treats!

Happy Halloween everyone!

Monday, October 28, 2013

Baby Stephen Visit

Aunt Lala came to visit last weekend! And she brought baby Stephen, which won her a spot in Meri's heart forever. She couldn't get over the fact that Lala had brought a baby just for her! 

All weekend she kept offering him snacks, and following him around like he was her personal puppy. Babies and puppies, two of Meredith's favorites! 
Nana came up on Saturday, and we enjoyed playing in the yard and park, and watching the Aggies BTHO Vanderbilt.

Stephen is all boy, and loved doing all the big kid activities at the park. Almost ten months already, craziness!
Stephen isn't the only one who thinks the park was made for toddlers, Meri is a crazy woman when it comes to slides.
And Otto was far too busy to deal with the momarazzi.

Hey Otto, can I take a picture of your awesome climbing skills? "No. No Mom, I need my privacy. Go away, please." At least he said please, right?
Thanks for coming to see us Nana, Lala, and Stephen!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Daddy Will be Home in 45 Minutes

Meredith Mae Weldy (because we have been using the full name A LOT today) has discovered that the super sonic girly shriek she has perfected makes Otto cry.
And then she abused her new powers...all day.

Otto has hit a phase where everything incites drama. I, oh so meanly, forced them to check out a new park this morning. He had a meltdown because we were leaving the house. And then another when we had to leave the park to have lunch. How dare I take them out for a special lunch at Chickfila?! The agony!
I think they know that crying babies are possibly the saddest, most stressful thing in perhaps the entire world, and are using it to break me.
So today has been all about distractions. If there is going to be yelling, crying, and fit throwing, let it at least be in a scenic setting, right? We discovered a new walking/biking trail today that goes across the dam at Joe Pool Lake. It's three miles long one way, so we didn't make it all the way to the other side, but maybe someday in the future when Daddy can meet us on the other side.  It was a road at one point, so it makes a great stroller path.
Can you spot the coyote droppings on the road? Otto did, and there were real tears when we didn't take them home with us.

We also explored a new park, where the teeter-totter was a big hit. Yep, you guessed it. BIG drama when we had to leave.
After a nap for Meri, we made graham crackers in an attempt to distract. We only broke one glass bowl and cried over how long they took to cook, but they did turn out delicious, so win!
Oh yes, let's not forget that Otto taught Meri how to undress herself. Yay...
And then someone posted this video to Facebook, and I watched it. And bawled much like Otto does when Meri 'scares' him.

Our grumpy day is most likely caused by a growth spurt and tomorrow will be better. Our challenges are small. I am so glad that my babies are healthy and whole and perfect.

And able to wash their hands in the toilet like Meredith Mae Weldy totally just did.  *head/desk*

Friday, October 18, 2013

Zoo Day!

Fall is officially here and we got to enjoy it today at the zoo! Meredith was so excited to see the animals!
Otto doesn't take well to temperature change, and had to bundle up before even eating his breakfast. He has, however, been enjoying getting to wear hoodies on the regular. 
The Connelly girls met us there and we loved getting to visit and explore with them. Look how big Miss Maggie is getting!
Baby elephants!
Meri did her best to keep up with the big kids, and was a fence climbing maniac.
She even attempted to lure the bears closer by dangling her shoe through the bars. This girl is daring.
We brought a picnic lunch, which is a BIG deal to the littles right now, and they enjoyed their peanut butter sandwiches on a possibly very dirty picnic table. Contrary to the look on Otto's face, he's currently loving anything that has 'Minky's' honey on it.
After lunch we explored the North American exhibit and saw an adorable baby jaguar that paired nicely with two baby elephants from the Africa section. And we saw an event that will most likely lead to a brand new baby rhino in a year and four months. Very...educational.
Good day, we definitely need to squeeze in a few more trips before the weather transitions to winter.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Pinteresty Afternoon

Late Friday, after a full morning at MOPS (where Meredith said NO! to staying in the kids area, but did great sitting in the mom's meeting), we were running out of steam. So to Pinterest I went! Otto adores making things, and Meri is quite the colorer these days, so a craft project was in order. 
 I was a little worried about paint getting everywhere, but they both did great!
...for a bit. The good news is, she only licked the brush once, so there's that.
But you have to admit, those are pretty impressive plate painting skills for a 17 month old.

Not to be shown up, Otto painted three.
We added construction paper and a pipe cleaner with the hot glue gun and called them done, fun projects that are now decorating the mantel!
The natives were still restless, so the remaining pipe cleaners and colander were put to use. Again, this idea is all over Pinterest. (I'd link, but I have no idea who the is the original.)
Eight minutes later that activity was old news and we decided a walk to the park was in order. While I was dressing Meredith (We do have a rule about going outside naked...inside though? Not so much.) Otto ran to his room for shoes. He came out ready to go in his, two sizes too big cowboy boots. "Look! I'm wearing my cowboy boots! These are perfect, I look just like MG!" My Dad often does wear boots, and yes, my tall, blonde, blue eyed kid does look like his grandfather:) 
I was worried the too large boots would be a tripping hazard, but he did great marching though the grass 'looking for scary, scary snakes'. Meredith, however, crashed hardcore on the sidewalk and got her first goose egg that turned into a pretty impressive bruise:(
She is a trooper though and didn't let that spoil her fun on the slides. 
And Daddy was home when we finally made it back to the house! Thank you Pinterest for getting us through those last (hard) few hours of the day.