Thursday, September 26, 2013

Park Date

Sometime since the last post my blog rolled over the 100,000 hits mark, kinda fun! Granted, most of those are Michael or my Mom, but still a big number.
We have been loving that our recent move has made it possible to see the Jenny and Augie more often. They are our kind of people! We checked out a park halfway between our houses on Monday and then had lunch at Central Market.

Meri looks about seven here to me. Messy ponytail, layered look, sparkly shoes, it's like she's a real kid now instead of my baby. She picked those shoes out herself while we were shopping and was pretty insistant that they were coming home with us. Now they are her favorites, and she wears them around the house even when just in a diaper. Dressing a girl is so much more complicated than picking clothes for a boy, she actually has an opinion, and won't just wear what I pick out!
Otto loves a day at the park! ...and M&M's, which may have been what I was bribing him with to get him to stand still for a picture.
At Central Market (specialty grocery store) there is a children's produce stand right inside the front door. You can pay a quarter for a piece of fruit for your littles to much on while you shop; both of my munchkins chose an apple.
Yummy lunch on the patio! It was a beautiful day, the first fallish day of the year and perfect for the park and an outdoor lunch.
Otto and Meredith love hanging out with the Womacks too, they were both wiped out and fell asleep on the way home. You better believe I parked in the shade and put my feet up on the dash, letting them finish their naps when we got back to the house.

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  1. Two things:
    1. I LOVE Meri's hair. LOVE. Like adore. It's my favorite.
    2. I also love that her shoe somehow ended up in Otto's lap. That's a very familiar scene in these parts.