Friday, September 20, 2013


We've obviously just moved to a new area. Being the social creature that I am, I have been looking for ways to meet new friends with children my kids age so we can schedule playdates galore. My first plan was to enroll Otto in would have been perfect! Kids exactly his age, possibility for younger siblings, several meet ups to get to know one another, plus the whole soccer mom thing would have been awesome. I even had an adorable shirt idea for Meredith to wear to the games. But no, Otto shot me down! Little stinker has decided that "I can't like soccer, I just want to play tennis.". Ugh! There are no toddler tennis classes in our area! My plan to have places to go and people to met was foiled.

So I came up with a new one. MOPS! It meets at a church just a few minutes away and is geared towards moms with children five and under. Perfect! 
It only meets once a month for two hours, but there are other optional events too. Otto was pretty pumped to get to go to 'school' and while I was really worried that Meredith wouldn't be able to handle it, she did great as well. I snuck this picture when I came to pick her up. Look at that cheerful helper tidying up the crayons:)
Today we are going to a picnic and play at a local park, hopefully it goes just as well!

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