Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Labor Day Weekend

Hiya peeps! My camera works again! Everybody dance!

I got it set up and charged this morning, and took a few practice shots after breakfast. Otto had built a fort out of the three remaining (!!!) boxes in the front living room and was playing "Nice mean dog". Not sure exactly how that works, but he was cute doing it! 
He's into contradictory animals these days, last night he was hiding under the pillows in our bed pretending, "I'm a good snake, because I love you.".

Meredith is his biggest encourager, no one makes her laugh more than Otto while he's being silly.
Her hair is a hot mess, but she's cute!
Meredith got over her sickness, after breaking out in unknown spots, right in time for Otto to catch it:(
And even though she was feeling better, sharing lap space with Otto was not amusing.
Otto is now feeling better, yay for a germ free house!
But because of said germs, we stayed home Saturday, missing two fun birthday parties:( To make the best of a sad situation, we represented in our Aggie gear and watched the first game of the season!
And Chris, stud that he is, built a desk for me to use for sewing/blogging!
Our previous house had a build in desk with lots of counter space, but this house doesn't. I have been watching Craigslist for a craft table, but seem to miss the good ones. Chris is a trooper and totally got on board with my 'Let's build one together!' plan. He (<--see an="" awesome="" back="" be="" did="" excited="" garage="" happened="" have="" how="" i="" in="" it="" job="" m="" machines="" my="" nbsp="" p="" painted.="" s="" sewing="" sitting="" so="" stained="" that="" the="" to="" waiting="">
This big girl fed herself dinner on Saturday, and didn't get a drop on her outfit! Big kid skills!
Happy Labor Day!


  1. Glad everyone is feeling better. :D
    Dad had a good B-day and even Nana got a gift for having a baby the last day in August pre-AC
    Looking forward to see you when the weather cools down.