Monday, September 16, 2013

Fountain Fun

On Saturday, after watching a brave attempt by our Aggies to BTHO of Alabama, we took a little trip down the road to play in the flat fountain at a local outdoor mall.

I'm not sure when this will be turned off for the year, but both the kids loved it and we will be going back as many times as we can! Friends with little people, you should come too!
There was a little trepidation at first, but they both quickly decided that it was an awesome 'water park'.

Meredith was freezing, although it was 90 degrees out,  and kept running back to Chris for a quick warm up before getting right back in the water.  Her lips were blue by the time we left, but she was still sad to go home.
Blurry, yes, but he was loving it!
It took him a few minutes, but he eventually was brave enough to run through the center spout that shot up into the air about twenty feet.
The mall itself isn't so bad either, lots of great stores and very clean. I see us spending some time there in the future;)

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