Monday, September 30, 2013

East Texas, Mud Pies, and Date Night!

Date nights are few and far between...our babysitters live too far away! So when I saw that there was a Collin Raye concert being held in East Texas I jumped at the chance to let the kids spend some quality time with my parents. Chris took Friday off work so that we could make a quick stop to say hi to both our families.

We started with a stop in Mineola to see Nana and Papa. We had pizza in the park before heading to their house to spend the night. Meredith LOVED Nana's fish tank, sweet girl is really loving animals lately. She thought our parents animals were amazing, and had absolutely no fear of Diesel. 

Otto went straight to the dirt pile when we got to my parent's house the next day. Nothing makes this boy happier than a shovel and sand.
Meri had her first real adventure on the trampoline. Homegirl loved it. She's little and likes to cuddle, but in somethings she's far more adventurous than Otto. She did wipe out a few times, and came home with a skinned nose, but I doubt that will stop her from running for the trampoline the next time we visit.
Uncle Michael showed her a few tricks, but thankfully she wasn't tempted to try them for herself. Yet.
And then, to seal himself as number one in the favorite uncle category, he made a mud pit and gave them free range. Obviously they hated it.
The dress did come clean, thankfully.
 Daddy checked to make sure his flipping skills were still sharp.
Meredith was impressed. And filthy.
Uncle Michael did dunked both littles in the pool for a quick clean up.
But the next morning, Aunt Abbey, not to be outdone, broke out the water hose and let the littles make another huge mess. They had a blast but we came home with a trash bag full of drenched, muddy clothes.

On Friday night, we got to go on a date!
Collin Raye was excellent, and we had seats on the second row. Chris even came home with one of his guitar picks! We might have been the youngest people there, but we had a fantastic time.

On the way back to Dallas we stopped at Belton's first birthday party! He's such a sweetheart, and wasn't into making a mess with his cake.
Our kids had no such hesitation, cake eating is their specialty.
That night we made it home just in time to watch the Aggies BTHO of Arkansas, wonderful weekend!

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