Saturday, September 7, 2013

Dallas Heart Walk 2013

This year we were more prepared, but the Meredith wasn't excited about a long stroller ride. So we went to the group picture and then walked to a near by hole-in-the-wall taco shop for breakfast. Slackers, yes, but we weren't the only young family that skipped out on the long walk in the sun and breakfast was delicious!
Taco Borracho, a win if you are ever in downtown. They open at six am!
Meri was a trooper, but needed a little extra snuggle time to combat all the excitement. 
Once she saw Otto enjoying all the fun activities set up for the children, and the giant balloon octopus he was given, she warmed up quickly.
He was bold enough to try out the airbrushing booth.
Crazy guy picked out a dragon and proudly showed it off to anyone he could flag down.  He was happily calling it his "scary dragon".
Meredith isn't her most confident around strangers and really doesn't like unknown people touching her, so I was really surprised that after seeing Otto's dragon, she wanted one too.
She got a sparkly pink heart, complete with glitter.
And she was so proud of it!
There were all kinds of bounce houses that they both enjoyed.
The mascot for the Dallas Mavericks was there too. Meredith freaked right as this picture was taken, she was not amused that the crazy giant horse was tickling her. 
But when he started handing out bracelets? No problem at all, she had to have one. It's a little nuts what this girl will do for new accessories.

Bracelet on, drinking a complimentary smoothie, talk about a big kid.
We got to see lots of Chris' co-workers, including Belton and his family!
Fun day, but very warm. Maybe next year they will hold it in late November? 

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  1. Meri Mae's hair looks like yours did before you took to straightening it :D.
    Glad it was a fun day!