Monday, September 30, 2013

East Texas, Mud Pies, and Date Night!

Date nights are few and far between...our babysitters live too far away! So when I saw that there was a Collin Raye concert being held in East Texas I jumped at the chance to let the kids spend some quality time with my parents. Chris took Friday off work so that we could make a quick stop to say hi to both our families.

We started with a stop in Mineola to see Nana and Papa. We had pizza in the park before heading to their house to spend the night. Meredith LOVED Nana's fish tank, sweet girl is really loving animals lately. She thought our parents animals were amazing, and had absolutely no fear of Diesel. 

Otto went straight to the dirt pile when we got to my parent's house the next day. Nothing makes this boy happier than a shovel and sand.
Meri had her first real adventure on the trampoline. Homegirl loved it. She's little and likes to cuddle, but in somethings she's far more adventurous than Otto. She did wipe out a few times, and came home with a skinned nose, but I doubt that will stop her from running for the trampoline the next time we visit.
Uncle Michael showed her a few tricks, but thankfully she wasn't tempted to try them for herself. Yet.
And then, to seal himself as number one in the favorite uncle category, he made a mud pit and gave them free range. Obviously they hated it.
The dress did come clean, thankfully.
 Daddy checked to make sure his flipping skills were still sharp.
Meredith was impressed. And filthy.
Uncle Michael did dunked both littles in the pool for a quick clean up.
But the next morning, Aunt Abbey, not to be outdone, broke out the water hose and let the littles make another huge mess. They had a blast but we came home with a trash bag full of drenched, muddy clothes.

On Friday night, we got to go on a date!
Collin Raye was excellent, and we had seats on the second row. Chris even came home with one of his guitar picks! We might have been the youngest people there, but we had a fantastic time.

On the way back to Dallas we stopped at Belton's first birthday party! He's such a sweetheart, and wasn't into making a mess with his cake.
Our kids had no such hesitation, cake eating is their specialty.
That night we made it home just in time to watch the Aggies BTHO of Arkansas, wonderful weekend!

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Park Date

Sometime since the last post my blog rolled over the 100,000 hits mark, kinda fun! Granted, most of those are Michael or my Mom, but still a big number.
We have been loving that our recent move has made it possible to see the Jenny and Augie more often. They are our kind of people! We checked out a park halfway between our houses on Monday and then had lunch at Central Market.

Meri looks about seven here to me. Messy ponytail, layered look, sparkly shoes, it's like she's a real kid now instead of my baby. She picked those shoes out herself while we were shopping and was pretty insistant that they were coming home with us. Now they are her favorites, and she wears them around the house even when just in a diaper. Dressing a girl is so much more complicated than picking clothes for a boy, she actually has an opinion, and won't just wear what I pick out!
Otto loves a day at the park! ...and M&M's, which may have been what I was bribing him with to get him to stand still for a picture.
At Central Market (specialty grocery store) there is a children's produce stand right inside the front door. You can pay a quarter for a piece of fruit for your littles to much on while you shop; both of my munchkins chose an apple.
Yummy lunch on the patio! It was a beautiful day, the first fallish day of the year and perfect for the park and an outdoor lunch.
Otto and Meredith love hanging out with the Womacks too, they were both wiped out and fell asleep on the way home. You better believe I parked in the shade and put my feet up on the dash, letting them finish their naps when we got back to the house.

Friday, September 20, 2013


We've obviously just moved to a new area. Being the social creature that I am, I have been looking for ways to meet new friends with children my kids age so we can schedule playdates galore. My first plan was to enroll Otto in would have been perfect! Kids exactly his age, possibility for younger siblings, several meet ups to get to know one another, plus the whole soccer mom thing would have been awesome. I even had an adorable shirt idea for Meredith to wear to the games. But no, Otto shot me down! Little stinker has decided that "I can't like soccer, I just want to play tennis.". Ugh! There are no toddler tennis classes in our area! My plan to have places to go and people to met was foiled.

So I came up with a new one. MOPS! It meets at a church just a few minutes away and is geared towards moms with children five and under. Perfect! 
It only meets once a month for two hours, but there are other optional events too. Otto was pretty pumped to get to go to 'school' and while I was really worried that Meredith wouldn't be able to handle it, she did great as well. I snuck this picture when I came to pick her up. Look at that cheerful helper tidying up the crayons:)
Today we are going to a picnic and play at a local park, hopefully it goes just as well!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Story Time!

Yesterday we walked to the library that is a few blocks from our house to participate in story time. Jenny and Augie came with us and it was really a lot of fun! I think *fingers crossed* that we have finally reached the point where story time will be fun and not just another place to get into trouble. Otto was riveted to the librarian while she read the story, he loved it! Meri and Augie did pretty well too;)
The story was, The Gruffalo, and it was very cute. A little intense, and involved a grumpy creature and the possibility of things being eaten. Otto thought it was the bomb dot com; he's into all things scary right now. 

And to top it all off, the Gruffalo actually showed up at the end of the story!
They were both a little impressed, but quickly had enough confidence to go up and meet him.
Definitely a success, Otto is already talking about 'next time'. I'm so excited that this is a real event that we can enjoy now!

Look at that Augie, such a ham.
And he doesn't lack on the adventurous side either. He is only a month older than Meredith but easily scaled the playground behind the library, slides, ladders, and all. The boy is crazy skilled.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Fountain Fun

On Saturday, after watching a brave attempt by our Aggies to BTHO of Alabama, we took a little trip down the road to play in the flat fountain at a local outdoor mall.

I'm not sure when this will be turned off for the year, but both the kids loved it and we will be going back as many times as we can! Friends with little people, you should come too!
There was a little trepidation at first, but they both quickly decided that it was an awesome 'water park'.

Meredith was freezing, although it was 90 degrees out,  and kept running back to Chris for a quick warm up before getting right back in the water.  Her lips were blue by the time we left, but she was still sad to go home.
Blurry, yes, but he was loving it!
It took him a few minutes, but he eventually was brave enough to run through the center spout that shot up into the air about twenty feet.
The mall itself isn't so bad either, lots of great stores and very clean. I see us spending some time there in the future;)

Thursday, September 12, 2013

A Little Jenny and Augie Time!

We had an impromptu playdate with Augie yesterday. Highland Park Mall has an indoor duck pond complete with turtles! Otto didn't have to be asked twice, he was headed toward the car in a heartbeat.
The wildlife was a huge hit, but getting to see friends was even better. Otto in particular enjoyed policing the two littles, and was quick to report when they were too close the water or making a break for it.

Augie is hilarious, and so fast! 

I had to include this picture because Meredith out ate both the boys...combined! She had applesauce, a few fries, her milk, and six nuggets...and then twenty minutes later had two more.  She may be small, but she's putting in a great effort at catching up with her brother.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Dallas Heart Walk 2013

This year we were more prepared, but the Meredith wasn't excited about a long stroller ride. So we went to the group picture and then walked to a near by hole-in-the-wall taco shop for breakfast. Slackers, yes, but we weren't the only young family that skipped out on the long walk in the sun and breakfast was delicious!
Taco Borracho, a win if you are ever in downtown. They open at six am!
Meri was a trooper, but needed a little extra snuggle time to combat all the excitement. 
Once she saw Otto enjoying all the fun activities set up for the children, and the giant balloon octopus he was given, she warmed up quickly.
He was bold enough to try out the airbrushing booth.
Crazy guy picked out a dragon and proudly showed it off to anyone he could flag down.  He was happily calling it his "scary dragon".
Meredith isn't her most confident around strangers and really doesn't like unknown people touching her, so I was really surprised that after seeing Otto's dragon, she wanted one too.
She got a sparkly pink heart, complete with glitter.
And she was so proud of it!
There were all kinds of bounce houses that they both enjoyed.
The mascot for the Dallas Mavericks was there too. Meredith freaked right as this picture was taken, she was not amused that the crazy giant horse was tickling her. 
But when he started handing out bracelets? No problem at all, she had to have one. It's a little nuts what this girl will do for new accessories.

Bracelet on, drinking a complimentary smoothie, talk about a big kid.
We got to see lots of Chris' co-workers, including Belton and his family!
Fun day, but very warm. Maybe next year they will hold it in late November?