Friday, August 2, 2013

This Week and a (hopeful) Conclusion to the House Hunt Drama

Phew. This week. In the words of the little bat rat creature in Anastasia "It's a keeler, sir."

Lot's has gone down. House drama, sickness, Abbey visit, more house drama, lots of lasts, it's been busy to say the least. Let's have a breakdown via iPhone pictures shall we? 

Our zoo membership expired at the end of July, and because we weren't sure where we would be living we didn't renew it. The babies and I went for one last visit on Friday. Meredith insisted on climbing on the alligator and was furious she couldn't play there all day. 
Otto, on the other hand, had to be bribed to take this picture.
Lindsay had to return to New York state on Monday after an eventful week and a half in Texas.
We talked Mom into lending us Abbey for the week and the night before Lindsay's flight we went out for froyo. (Which they don't have in up-state NY? Weird place I tell you.)
Aunt Abbey is a lot of fun to have around, and I'm sure this will haunt me sometime in the future, but teenagers are awesome. So helpful and great at entertaining little people! There has been quite a bit of fort building and playing in the sprinkler going on this week, Otto and Meri are in heaven. 
In addition to the zoo, we also visited the library and had our last Fort Worth house playdate. Will and Sloane came over today for lunch. These silly three were wedged themselves into the recliner.
And the great house hunt continued. It's been frustrating to say the least, and I apologize if I've vented to you in the last few days.  The good thing about house shopping is checking out lots of parks.
There were several almosts, and we were so close to moving all the way to Waxahachie, but thankfully today we put a deposit down on this house!
Nothing special, and I haven't even seen the inside, but it is in the neighborhood we were hoping for and is a 12 minute drive to work for heavy traffic! It's another house on a hill, the drive is even steeper than our current house, but the back yard is flat. There is a library within walking distance and a park with a pond. I think with a few happy plants added to the empty flower beds and it will suit us nicely for the next year.
We are excited to have a place to go in just seven short days:)  Family, I will message you our new address!

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