Saturday, August 24, 2013

This Hiatus Brought to you by Moving

Moving is ridiculous. Let me just put that out there.

Don't get me wrong, I love learning new areas and redecorating spaces, but the actual physical part of moving it just horrid. We have hit so many obstacles with this house, setting up utilities, maintaince requests, clogged pipes in the kitchen, car problems, and sick kids, it's just been one thing after another. Meredith has learned to climb on the the furniture but not off, and Otto has started taking apart appliances, which has added to the crazy. Not kidding, all had been quiet in his room for thirty minutes and I thought bedtime was a lock. Not so, he was taking apart a toy version of an iPad, six tiny screws already undone, and told me it was an attempt to change the batteries. The next afternoon he took apart his toy shelf. You think just tidying up after small children is difficult? Try having to reassemble furniture before putting a room back together, it's a whole new level of messy.

But we're making it and are starting to see the other side. My computer has found a temporary home on the kitchen counter (hiding from electronic lover, Meredith) and I ordered a new lens for my camera as I killed my original. Eventually blogging will be on the short end of the to-do list.

We are so grateful that the sell of our home went so smoothly, thankfully all the difficulties of this move have been on the renting side. Here's Chris' happy dance on our last day of moving out
One last look at Meri's fun paint job:) 
We are directly across from a lovely park with a pond and brand new playground, and within walking distance of a branch of the Dallas library. Chris only has a ten minute drive to work, which allows him to make it home for lunch some days, and any store imaginable is less than a fifteen minute drive. The house is not without it's quirks though. It sits on a hill steeper than our previous house did, the previous owners had inside animals which is hard on our allergy prone people, and apparently there are creatures living in the den fireplace. Otto has left bait (wilted green grapes) on the bricks of the fireplace for Riley, the little gray dragon. We haven't seen her yet, but Otto assures us that she's his friend and we'll have fun with her. (Nothing actually lives in the chimney...I think.)

Our families have been terrific, and can I just say a special thanks to my parents who helped so much the first crazy nutso weekend? So, so appreciated. We have had lots of visitors who have all helped with the transition, I think living closer to family is going to be great!

Exploring the pond with Uncle Michael, they saw a giant bullfrog.
Showing Otto how it's done;)
Otto's turn!
Meredith is a wild woman on the swings!
Addy and Otto!
Big kid Stephen!
Poor Meri has really had a rough couple of days, she's a cuddly kid by nature, but this week she has needed one on one time all day. We've been getting a lot of use out of the Ergo, excellent buy so far.
Yesterday, this rare occurance happened. 
I think this happened once when she was a newborn too? Maybe. Otto never naps, but somehow they both fell asleep in my lap. You better believe I took lots of pictures to document and slept a little myself, this is monumental people!

Things are getting less chaotic, my car is fixed thanks to my super hot honey (just to gross you out Abbey), the kitchen is functioning again and my Dad showed up right as the plumbers were leaving to bleach the residual funk away. (Dad's are really great. Especially mine, he even brought chocolate cake.) Meredith's crazy intense fever has possibly broken (cross those fingers people!), and we have invested in air purifiers for the bedrooms that are really making a difference. Give us a few more weeks and we'll probably have leveled the front yard and replanted the empty flower beds! Okay, maybe we'll just unpack the garage;) Slow and steady, we'll get there.

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  1. I'm thinking if you scrub down the house in your spare time (LOL), and steam clean the carpets, after a thorough vacuuming it will help with those pesky allergens.